Intro to Morphology

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  1. What are the three major functions of the Teeth and there definition ?
    • Mastication -chewing
    • Phonetics - speaking
    • aesthetics -  appearance
  2. What is the function of the anterior teeth ?
    What is the function of the posterior teeth ?
    • Anterior Teeth = incising
    • Posterior Teeth = grinding
  3. Explain the concept of teeth form to function ?
    • Teeth are formed to take the shape of the job they will be performing.
    • Carnivores - tearing meat
    • Herbivores - grinding vegetation
    • Omnivores - Both Lateral and vertical chewing
  4. Name the two arches and the quadrants represented by them ?
    • Maxillary Arch - Right and Left Quadrant
    • Mandibular Arch - Right and Left Quadrant
  5. Name the Anterior Teeth and the Posterior Teeth ?

    What is an alternate name for Canines?
    What is an alternate name for Premolars?
    • Anterior Teeth - Incisors and Canines (Cuspids)
    • Posterior Teeth - Premolars (Bicuspids -                                   sometimes three cusps                                 Tricuspids) and Molars
  6. Explain these tooth numbering systems ?

    Universal (1-32 and A-T)

    Federation Dentare Internationale

    Palmer notation (quadrant/tooth)
    • Universal numbers all teeth Right to Left and in a clockwise fashion. 
    • Universal for deciduous teeth - A-T 

    Federation Dentare = Quadrant and tooth number. Example - canines (13,23 ,33, 43)

    Palmer Notation= It is a cross quadrant with the number 1-8
  7. What is the Anatomical crown made of ?
    What is the Anatomical root made of ? 
    What is the clinical crown ?
    What is the clinical root ?
    • Anatomical crown: enamel
    • Anatomical root : cementum

    The clinical portion is the portion you can see with the naked eye.
  8. What is enamel ?
    What is cementum ?
    What is Dentin ?
    Enamel - the hardest substance in the human body , but it is brittle .

    Cementum - is the  the surface layer of the tooth root 

    Dentin-Main component of the tooth
  9. Draw the Dentoenameljunction (DEJ) ?
    Draw the Cementoenameljunction (CEJ)       aka cervical line ?
    • where the Dentin and enamel meet.
    • where the cementum and enamel meet.
  10. Draw the pulp cavity -include the horns , canal , and chamber ?

    What does the pulp consist of ?
    Image UploadBlood vessels and nerves.
  11. Identify the following direction/surfaces
    Facial - “outside” surface (aka buccal and labial)•Lingual - “inside” surface (aka palatal)•Mesial - toward midline•Distal - away from midline•Incisal and occlusal - top surfaceGingival (towards thegums; cervical)
  12. What is Proximal vs Interproximal vs intraproximal ?
    • Interproximal:  between two adjacent   teeth   
    • Proximal : distal or mesial
    • intraproximal : inside
  13. Draw the thirds on a maxillary Incisal tooth , facial and proximal view ?
    • Image Upload
    • Top to Bottom
    • Incisal
    • middle
    • cervical
    • cervical
    • middle
    • apical

    • Right to Left 
    • Mesial 
    • Middle 
    • Distal
  14. What are the three functions of proximal contact areas ?
    • –Stabilizes
    • dental arch

    • –Prevents food
    • impaction

    • –Aids in food
    • flow pattern
  15. Is the distal contact more cervical than the mesial contact ? T or F
  16. What is the Height of Contour ?
    • Height of contour (HOC) = greatest
    • point of   curvature of a crown

    Image Upload
  17. Which way does the Cervical line (CEJ) curve facing the lingual and facial aspects ? Which way does the cervical curve on the mesial and distal aspects?

    Draw it ?
    • Mesial and Distal = incisally /occlusally
    • Facial and Lingual = apically 

    Image Upload
  18. Where is the root usually the widest ?
    How many roots do the Anterior teeth and Premolars possess ?
    How many roots do the Posterior Teeth possess? if more than one where are they located.(ex. mesial , buccal ...)
    It is widest at the Cervical point

    Anterior and Premolars have -1 root

    • Maxillary molars usually have- 3 roots 
    • 2 buccal and 1 palatal 

    • Mandibular molars have- 2 roots
    • 1 mesial and one distal
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