S.S. Geography

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  1. What are the five themes of Geography?
    • 1. Location
    • 2. place
    • 3. human/environment interaction
    • 4. movement
    • 5. regions
  2. Element #1 is LOCATION
    Where a place is located.
  3. Element 2 is PLACE
    It is not just a geographic location.   It is also describes characteristics.  It might describe physical characteristics such as landforms, climate and plant or animal life.
  4. Element 3 Is PHYSICAL SYSTEMS.
    Physical Systems are systems such as hurricanes, volcanoes and glaciers which shape the earth's surface.
  5. Element 4 is Human Systems.
    Human systems are how people have shaped our wirld.  Boundary lines, why people settle in certain places and not in others.  Continual movement of people, ideas and goods.
  6. Element 5 is Environment and Society
    How people use the environment and how their actions affect the environment.
  7. Element 6 is USES of Geography.
    Knowledge of geography helps us understand the relationships among people, places and environments over time.
  8. What are Hemispheres?
    Northern, Southern, Western and Eastern.
  9. What is Latitude?
    Lines of latitude or parallels, circle the earth parallel to the Equator and measure the distance north or south of the Equator in degrees.  Equator is a 0 degree latitude. North pole lies at latitude 90 deg North.
  10. What is Longitude?
    Lines of longitude, or meridians, circle the earth from Pole to Pole.  These lines measure distances east or west of the starting line which is a 0 deg longitude and is called the Prime Meridian.
  11. What does Absolute Location?
    People can pinpoint the precise spot where on line of latitude crosses one line of longitude.
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