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  1. The main components of the air conditioning system are:

    A) Two packs, two Zone Controllers and one Pack Controller.
    B) Two packs, two Packs Controllers and one Zone Controller.
    C) Two packs, each having its independent Zone and Pack Controller.
  2. The pressurization system is designed for:

    A) Fully automatic operation only.
    B) Automatic operation, backed up by manual operation if needed.
    C) Manual operation only.
  3. In normal operation, landing elevation:

    A) Is provided by the FMGC.
    B) May be selected from the FMGC or manually.
    C) Must be selected manually.
  4. The outflow valves can be:

    A) Controlled independently in the manual mode, depending on the selections on the cabin press panel.
    B) Controlled independently in the automatic and manual mode, irrespective of the valve selector position.
    C) Controlled independently in the automatic mode, but must be controlled together in the manual mode.
  5. Shortly after take off, the crew decides to level-off and return to the point of departure. Which statement is true?

    A) The new landing elevation must be reset manually to stop the cabin from climbing.
    B) The new landing elevation must be reset manually or automatically to stop the cabin from climbing.
    C) The cabin altitude will stop climbing without any action on the pressurization system.
  6. While operating in the auto press mode, the aircraft will depressurize:

    A) Immediately after landing because the outflow valves will fully open when touchdown is sensed.
    B) At a scheduled rate of 500 ft/min after landing.
    C) One minute prior landing.
  7. Two cabin fans are used to:

    A) Ventilate the avionics by the re-circulated air from the cabin.
    B) Ventilate the lavatories and galleys.
    C) Ventilate the pack bays.
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