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  1. How much sick leave/funeral leave do you accrue each year?
    120 hours (15 days)
  2. Total number of sick leave hours an employee can accrue?
    1600 hours (200 days)
  3. Upon separation an employee will be paid sick leave time in excess of _______hours up to ________hours
    240 hours (30 days)

    720 hours (90 days)
  4. Employees must complete _______full pay period before he will accrue vacation
    One full week
  5. Vacation benefits may be taken after ______ time of service?
    6 Months
  6. Employees shall be permitted to take vacation time at such time, in the judgment of the supervisor, as will best serve the interest of?
    Organization and its employees
  7. Who shall ensure that the cities AA/EEO directives are implemented?
    City Manager
  8. Who shall have the primary responsibility for implementing, monitoring and evaluating AA/EEO?
    HR Director
  9. If an employee complains to a supervisor about harassment the supervisor shall immediately contact and inform who?
  10. The supervisor, when taking a harassment complaint should take immediate action to ensure.........
    The alleged harassment is not allowed to continue
  11. The individual alleging the harassment will be request by a supervisor of HR to complete what?
    Unlawful Harassment Complaint form
  12. The alleged harasser will be promptly summoned to HR and given a copy of the complaint by HR director.  He will have _____days to respond in writing.
    3 business days
  13. Each supervisor shall take steps to ensure the work space is free from harassment.  The duties include:
    1. Discussing the policy with employees

    2. Assuring them they are not required toto endure insulting, degrading or exploitative harassment
  14. EAP is voluntary except when?
    1. Work place violence

    2. Medical plan coverage
  15. EAP is confidential except when?
    1. Drug and alcohol work place

    2. Work place violence
  16. No Sick Leave will be granted on a Inclement Weather Day unless the  employee:
    1. On authorized FMLA leave

    2. Provide a Doctors note
  17. FMLA is applied when one of these 5 things has occurred:
    1. Incapacity of more than 3 days

    2. Incapacity related to Pregnancy/ Prenatal Care

    3. Incapacity due to Chronic serious health condition 

    4. Any period of long term incapacity

    5. A period of absence required to receive multi treatments
  18. Formal EAP manger referrals occur when connected with disciplinary action, either oral or written.  Is the employee required to participate in EAP when a formal referral has been made?
    • No
    • -and no disciplinary action can be taken against the employee for not participating in EAP
  19. It is mandatory that a EAP referral be made when is has been determined that:
    an employee has potential for violence
  20. An employee shall not report to work within how many hours of drinking alcohol?
    4 hours
  21. All employees who are using prescription or non prescription drugs which may adversely impact job performance must complete what?
    Prescription Drug Notification form
  22. Any employee who is convicted under a criminal controlled substance statute must notify human resources director with conviction no later than...
    5 days
  23. It is a _______ offense to knowingly or intentionally use a substance or device designed to affect test results
    Class B misdemeanor
  24. It is a _____ to deliver, possess with intent to deliver or manufacture a substance or device designed to affect test results
    Class A
  25. Post-accident testing shall be conducted when an employee contributes to or cannot be completely discounted as a contributing factor to any work-related motor vehicle accident resulting in damage.  Any decision not to administer shall be made by who?
    Department Director or designee in writing to the human resources director
  26. Employees involved in an accident shall inform supervisory personnel of the accident immediately, but no longer than ___ following the accident
    2 hours
  27. Random controlled substance testing.  Annually, _____ percent of the total number of employees required shall be tested for controlled substances
  28. Employees who receive instructions to be tested will be required to report to the collection site no later than _____ hours after notification.
  29. Nepotism:  In the event of promotion, reorganization, marriage between two employees, the affected employees must notify their department director within ____ days of the establishment of the relationship
    10 days
  30. Nepotism:  Employee cannot remain in the existing position for more than _____ days.  City manager can extend the time in _____ increments, not to exceed _____ days
    • 90 days
    • 30 days
    • 90 days
  31. Payroll:  Each department is responsible for maintaining time sheets and holding those time sheets for how long?
    4 years
  32. Discipline:  Written reprimand is usually appropriate for more serious infractions, and should be signed by both _____ and _____.  If the employee refuses to sign, a _____ should be brought in and asked to sign
    • Supervisor and employee
    • Witness
  33. An employee unable to perform essential functions of his job, or modified light duty, shall cease to accrue paid leave at the end of _____ consecutive weeks from the date of injury?
    12 Weeks
  34. Employees requesting dependent sick leave for birth of a child or planned medical treatment should provide ____ number of days notice prior to requested leave?
    30 days
  35. Supervisors shall require the employee to obtain a 'return to work' certification from his physician under what four circumstances?
    • 1. When taking prescription medication
    • 2. Has been hospitalized
    • 3. Had outpatient surgery
    • 4. Out 5 consecutive work days
  36. Once an employee exceeds _____ hours of the calendar year of non-FMLA PL, they are required to show proof of a doctor's visit to use any additional sick time
    64 hours
  37. No leave of absence without pay will be authorized until all accrued leave is used.  Accrued leave will be used as follows:
    PL, Comp Time, Holiday, Vacation, then leave without pay
  38. Jury Duty:  Employees excused for jury duty are required to return to work if there are ____ or more hours remaining in their scheduled work day
    4 hours
  39. Short-term military duty pay:  Annual short-term tours of duty are defined as military service not exceeding _____ days per calendar year.
    15 days
  40. Employees called to active-duty will be paid military leave in amount necessary to ensure no loss in wages between their military pay and normal city pay, for a period not to exceed _____ years during a _____ year period.
    2 years during a 5 year period
  41. Complaint procedures:
    Step 1:  It is the responsibility who believes he has reason for complaint/appeal to inform or discuss such reasons with his immediate supervisor within _____ business days of the employee's actual event causing the problem.  The supervisor shall give an oral response within ____ business days or less
    • 10 business days
    • 5 business days
  42. Complaint Procedures:
    Step 1: If the employee is not satisfied with the supervisor's oral response, the employee may within ____ business days, file a formal complaint
    3 business days
  43. Complaint Procedures:
    Step 2: Employee shall complete a written complaint form and submit it to his department director.  The dept director shall respond in writing within ____ business days
    10 business days
  44. Complaint Procedures:
    Step 3: If the department director's response is not acceptable to the employee, the employee, within ____ business days, shall indicate on the employee complaint form, requesting in writing that a review be made by the _____ _____
    • 7 business days
    • City Manager
  45. FMLA:  Serious health condition is any period of incapacitation of more than ___ consecutive calendar days, and subsequent treatment relating to the same condition which involves what two things?
    • 3 consecutive calendar days
    • 1) two or more instances of treatment by healthcare provider which must be in-person visits within 30 days
    • 2) results in a regimen of continuing treatment
  46. FMLA:  Eligible employees may request FMLA leave to care for a covered service member with serious injury or illness, if the employee is a spouse, son, daughter, parent, for up to ___ years after service member leaves service.
    5 years
  47. FMLA:  Employees eligible duration of leave is up to a maximum of ____ work weeks each calendar year, and ___ weeks for the care of a covered service member.
    • 12 work weeks
    • 26 weeks for service members
  48. FMLA:  The calendar year is from ___ to ___
    January to December
  49. FMLA:  It is the responsibility of the supervisor to ___ notify the employee of ___ business days of the employees request that the paid-leave will be FMLA
    • Verbally
    • 5 days
  50. FMLA:  The city may require a medical certification form be completed by the employee or family members.  If the employee fails to provide required certification within ___ days, the city may deny leave.
    15 days
  51. Supplemental Injury Leave:  Modified duty assignment for a job-related illness or injury may be given for a maximum period of ___ calendar days.  Any extension must be approved by HR Director.
    90 days
  52. Supplemental Injury Leave:  In no case, will be provided more than ___ weeks
  53. Light-Duty Assignments are for the period of ___ calendar days, and must be approved by the HR Director.  Any extension must be approved and in no case shall the assignment extend beyond a ___ period from the date of the injury.
    • 90 calendar days
    • 1-year period
  54. An employee must provide a return-to-work medical certification form before returning to duty, after being unable to work for ___ work days due to a job-related injury/illness
    5 work days
  55. How long does a person have to be employed before they can get paid for unused vacation time upon termination?
    One Year
  56. What consitutes job abandonment?
    Missing 3 consecutive unauthorized days
  57. Complaint appeal
    Step one. Employee has ____days to report, the super has ____days to respond and then the employee has ___ to complete a formal complaint if still not appeased.
    10 days

    5 days-respond verbally

    3 days
  58. Complaint step 2 and 3:

    The director has ____days to respond to the formal complaint and if the employee is still not happy they have ____days to file with the city manager.  He  has up to ____days to respond.
    10 days

    7 days

    20 days
  59. 5 main things that makes an employee eligible for FMLA:
    • 1. incapacity for any period of more than 3 days
    • 2.incapacity related to pregnancy
    • 3.Chronic serious heath condition
    • 4.period of permanent /long term incapacity
    • 5. Absence required to receive mult-i treatments
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