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  1. pensive
    wistfully thoughtful; expressing melancholy thoughtfulness
  2. evasive
    fleeing; intentionally vague or ambiguous
  3. indignant
    rigteously angry
  4. endearing
    inspiring affection or warm sympathy
  5. discerning
    exhibiting ken insight and good judgmenet; eperceptive
  6. naivee
    lacking wordly experience and understand; lack of critical judgement
  7. pragmatic
  8. optimist
    one hwho thinks positivesly
  9. perilous
  10. aesthetic
    conceringing beauty or good taste; artistically beautiful
  11. oblivious
    forgetful; unmindful
  12. choronicle
    • v) to record in the form of a historical record
    • n) orderly history of events
  13. perpetuate
    to prolong the existence of; cause to be remembered
  14. metropolis
    major city in a country or region
  15. mulititude
    a very great number
  16. vibrant
    pulsing with energy; lively
  17. feasible
    possible; suitable
  18. abstruse
    diffiult to understand; obscure
  19. plausive
    seemingly valid or likely
  20. systematic
    carried on using step by step procedures
  21. diltaory
    delaying; dawdling
  22. dogmatic
  23. ardor
    fiery intensity of feeling; strong enthusiasm or devotion
  24. profusion
  25. enigma
  26. charlatan
  27. sardonic
    scornfully or cynically mocking
  28. condescending
    displaying a patronizing superior attitude
  29. didactic
  30. fathom
    o understand; to measure the depth of
  31. divisive
    creating dissension or discord
  32. conventional
    based on general agreement, use or practice; orthodox
  33. proliferate
    to grow or multiply rapidly
  34. dubious
    fraught withh uncertainty or doubt; undecided
  35. tranquil
  36. peaceful
  37. ebullient
    bubbling; zestfully enthusiastic
  38. servile
  39. propitious
    presenting favorabl circumstances
  40. oignant
    touching; physically painful
  41. resilient
    steadfast; unmoving
  42. advocate
    to suport
  43. obstinate
  44. innocuouss
  45. aloof
    physically or emotionally distant; cold and reserved
  46. dilemma
    a situation that requires a choice b/w options that seem equally favorable
  47. apparition
    ghostly figure
  48. eloquent
    characterized by persuasive powerful speech; skilled in speaking
  49. subversive
    intending to throw or undermine established gvmt
  50. aanachronisitc
    not happening in chronological or historical order
  51. inscrutable
    diffiult to fathom or understand
  52. exhaustive
    thorough; complete
  53. vacuous
    devoid of matter ;empty; lacking purpose
  54. contentions
    quarrelsome; argumentative; controversial
  55. edify
    to instruct, esp to encourage intellectual, moral, or spiritual improvement
  56. disingenuous
    not straightforward; insincere; pretending to be naive
  57. ideology
  58. impartial
    unbiased; unprejudiced
  59. irreverent
    lacking respect
  60. acquaint
    to get to know personally; to make familiar with
  61. ervade
  62. pinnacle
    highest point; zenith
  63. repercussion
    an indirect effect or influence that is produced by an event; a recoil
  64. lament
    to express grief for; to mourn; to regret deeply
  65. reiterate
    to say or do again repeatedly
  66. analogous
    similar or alike in such a way as to permit the drawing of an analogy
  67. enduring
    lasting; continuing
  68. deliberation
    thoughtfulness in decision or action
  69. repeal
    to revoke or rescind
  70. nullify
    to invalidate
  71. peripheral
    incidental; minor; unimportant
  72. complacent
    satisfied with fault; unconcerned with failure
  73. trivial
    of little significance or value; commonplace
  74. momentous
    of utmost importance; of outstanding significance or consequence
  75. cataclysm
    a violent and sudden change; devastation
  76. inconsequential
    lacking importance; illogical
  77. inane
    lacking sense or substance
  78. expedient
    speedy; effective
  79. inimitable
    unable to be imitated; unrivaled
  80. incongruous
    lacking harmony
  81. inapt
    inappropriate; unskilled
  82. magnanimous
    noble in mind and heart; courageously gallant
  83. impugn
    to question the authenticity of; to tarnish one's reputation
  84. condone
    to overlook or forgive
  85. cosmopolitan
    pertinent to the whole world
  86. accentuate
    to stress or emphasize
  87. comprehensive
  88. expansive
    spacious;; broad in size or extent
  89. nuance
    subtle or slight degree of difference
  90. artifice
    trickery; artful or crafty expedient
  91. concise
    clear and succinct; expressing much in few words
  92. keen
  93. extraterrestrial
    originating outside of earth
  94. predominance
    having power of
  95. encapsulate
    to express in a brief summary
  96. convey
    transport; to communicate or make known
  97. tentative
    hesitant; uncertain
  98. query
    a question; an inquiry
  99. monolith
    a large black of stone
  100. affirm
    to declare firmly
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