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  1. Medicaid
    state funded program for the indigent
  2. medicare
    state/federal funded program
  3. how to get medicare
    • -age 65 or older
    • -disability
    • -kidney failure
    • -black lung disease
  4. allowable
    max amount the insurance will pay on a procedure
  5. accept assignment
    the doctor will accept what the insurance will pay on a procedure
  6. adjustment
    • the money that is not allowed
    • (billed-allowable=adjustment)
  7. co-payment
    fixed amount that you pay at every visit
  8. co-insurance
    % of the allowable that the patient pays
  9. deductible
    out of pocket expense that the patient has to pay before the insurance pays
  10. premium
    what you pay to have insurance
  11. ICD
    international classification of disease
  12. CPT
    current procedural terminology
  13. EOB
    document that explains the service you receive and what the dr., insurance, and you were either billed, paid, or still owe
  14. superbill
    document that list procedures and diagnoses for a patients visit
  15. other names for super bill
    • encounter form
    • charge slip
    • routing slip
  16. assignment of benefits
    authorization from the insured patient to allow any payment to go directly to the dr.
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