Substance-Related Disorders: Treatment

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  1. Slips
    • Lapse that results in substance use
    • Common for substance users attempting to achieve abstinence
    • Important not to conceptualize slips as failures.
  2. Relapse
    Return to heavy substance use following a period of abstinence or moderate use.
  3. Relapse Prevention
    • Relapse happens to many people who have undergone treatment.
    • The most popular relapse-prevention model is based on social-cognitive psychology and incorporates both a conceptual model of relapse and a set of cognitive and behavioral strategies to prevent or limit relapse episodes.
  4. Relapse Prevention model
    • Cognitive and behavioral approaches: Interventions strategies:
    • identifying specific high risk situations
    • increasing client's self-efficacy
    • eliminating myths about substance
    • managing lapses
    • restructuring the client's perceptions of the relapse process.
    • Global strategies: balancing client's lifestyle, develop "positive addictions," management skills, developing relapse road maps.
  5. Social Skills and Assertiveness trainting
    • Skills necessary for interacting effectively with others.
    • Social skills: Non verbal skills and assertiveness skills. 
    • Behavioral rehearsal, modeling, feedback, and psycho-education.
    • Assertiveness training: form of social skills training designed to help the individual deal with interpersonal conflicts and other problems in a manner that is appropriately assertive.
  6. Stress Management
    • Stress is a major contributor to the initiation and continuation of substance use and relapse.
    • Stress and substance abuse mediated by: Common neurochemical systems, serotonin, dopamine and opiate peptide systems and hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis. 
    • Treatment techniques: foster coping skills, problems solving skills, social support
  7. Cognitive Restructuring
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