Art The Vocabulary of Line

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  1. Arris
    On three-dimensional objects, the sharp edge or ridge formed by two surfaces meeting at an angle. Made visible by cast shadow, it is often interpreted as a line.
  2. Calligraphic Lines
    Lines that are generally flowing and rhythmical, like the qualities found in the kind of writing called calligraphy.
  3. Calligraphy
    Elegant, decorative writing.
  4. Contour
    In art, the line that defines the outermost limits of an object or a drawn or painted shape. It is sometimes considered to be synonymous with outline; as such, it indicates an edge that also may be defined by the extremities of dark, light, texture, or color.
  5. Cross Contour
    A line that moves across a shape or object to define the surface undulations between the outermost edges.
  6. Expression
    • 1. The manifestation through artistic form of a thought, emotion, or quality of meaning.
    • 2. In art, expression is synonymous with the word content.
  7. Gestural Lines
    Lines that are drawn freely, quickly, and seemingly without inhibition in order to capture the intrinsic spirit and animation seen in the subject. Gestural lines can imply the past, present, and future motion of the subject.
  8. Hatching
    Repeated strokes of an art tool, producing clustered (usually parallel) lines that create values. In cross-hatching, similar lines pass over the hatched lines in a different direction, usually resulting in darker values.
  9. Implied Line
    A line that dims, fades, stops, and/or disappears. The missing portion of the line is implied to continue and is visually completed by the observer as the line reappears. Also known as a subjective line.
  10. Line
    The path of a moving point made by a tool, instrument, or medium as it moves across and area. A line is usually made visible because it contrasts in value with its surroundings. Three-dimensional lines may be made using string, wire, tubes, solid rods, and the like.
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