Mating/evolutionary psychology

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  1. Humans are remarkably altricial (require a lot of care)
    • Totally helpless
    • Extremely long period of juvenility
    • Benefit from investment from both parents

    Therefore, a good mate should be a good coparent
  2. What men and women want
    Men and women should be designed to prefer traits that indicate a good potential co-parent

    • Kindness
    • Intelligence
    • Warmth
    • Understanding
    • Health
  3. Two traits that men and women consider a necessity in a long-term mate
    Kindness and intelligence
  4. Genetic quality cues
    • Symmetry of the face
    • Facial averageness (your face compared to other faces)
  5. Different Adaptive Problems

    Punchline for humans
    Trivers showed that the greater-investing sex is a limiting factor for the less-investing sex

    Competition will be greater for the less-investing sex

    Men are reproductively limited by women, and women are reproductively limited by resources
  6. Attractive Attributes that attract women:
    • Social status
    • Present Resources
    • Work ethic
    • Ambition
  7. Men prefer woman on average that are how old
    Hip-waist ratio?

    Estrogen and progesterone

    Women and males with high testosterone
    • 25 yrs old
    • .7

    • Estrogen positively affects female desire,
    • progesterone negatively affects desire
    • Women show a greater preference for the faces of high-testosterone men during high-estrogen times of their cycle
  8. Immune System and Mating
    You want to give your children diverse immune system genes, so that they have defenses against a wide variety of pathogens
  9. Cuckoldry
    Men can never be sure that a child is theirs

    -investing in someone else's offspring is a genetic disaster

    Men should therefore have a preference for sexually inexperienced or reserved woman
  10. Adaptive Problem: Being cheated on
    If a man gets cheated on, the big danger for him is being cuckolded

    If a woman gets cheated on, the big danger for her is losing investment from her mate

    This suggests that men should be more upset by sexual infidelity and women should be more upset by emotional infidelity
  11. Men are primarily designed for long-term mating
    • Human babies are altricial
    • Men are attracted to women that show maximum reproductive values (not just max fertility)
    • Men are very choosy
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