Stress and physical wellbeing

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  1. What is the biopsychosocial model?
    Biopsychosocial Model: an approach to describing and explaining how biological, psychological and social factors combine and interact to influence physical and mental health.
  2. What is stress? Define the two types
    • Stress: a state of physiological and/or psychological arousal in response to internal and external actors
    • Eustress: stress that is positive in nature
    • Distress: stress that is negative in nature
  3. Describe Lazarus and Folkman's transactional model of stress and coping
    • Emphasised the importance of the mental processes involved in dealing with a stressful situation 
    • The individual’s perception and assessment of the stress
    • Focused on the relationship between the individual and their environment in assessing whether the stressor is threatening, challenging or potentially dangerous
  4. What is Primary appraisal and describe the 3 types of evaluations:
    • Primary appraisal: the recognition of a potentially stressful situation in which the person assesses the situation as stressful,
    • neutral or irrelevant. If stressful, evaluate the significance
    • Harm/loss: how much damage has already occurred
    • Threat: harm/loss that may not have occurred yet but could occur in the future
    • Challenge: involves an assessment of the potential for personal gain or growth from the
    • situation
  5. What is secondary appraisal?
    • The stage where the person considers what options and resources are available to them and how they will respond
    • Evaluate internal/external stress coping resources
    • Internal options: will power, inner strength
    • External options: peers, professional help
    • Reappraisal may also occur where the individual goes through the primary appraisal once again
  6. What is emotional forecasting?
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Chapter 19, Stress and Physical well-being
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