English Phrasal verbs

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  1. act up
    • Cause pain or annoyance by functioning badly
    • i.e.Dad's poor knee is acting up again.
  2. advise against
    • Recommend not doing something
    • i.e.The doctor advised him against carrying heavy loads.
  3. angle at
    • Show from a particular point of view.
    • i.e.The documentary was angled at young
    • viewers.
  4. angle for
    • Try to obtain something by hinting
    • i.e.I suspect Tom's angling for a free ticket.
  5. back away
    • Move backwards, in fear or
    • dislike
  6. back down
    • Withdraw; concede defeat.
    • i.e.Local authorities backed down on their plans
    • to demolish the cinema.
  7. bank on
    • Base your hopes on something/someone.
    • i.e.Don't forget the date. I'm banking on your
    • help.
  8. beef up
    • Improve or make more substantial
    • i.e.He beefed up his presentation with
    • diagrams and statistics.
  9. boil down to
    Be summarized as
  10. break off
    1) Stop, discontinue

    2) Stop speaking
  11. clam up
    Refuse to speak.
  12. clamp down on
    Act strictly to prevent something.
  13. come up against
    • Be faced with or opposed by.
    • i.e.The project came up against a lot of
    • criticism.
  14. drag out
    1) Make something longer than necessary.

    • 2) Make someone reveal or give information
    • unwillingly.
  15. draw up
    Write (contract, agreement, document).
  16. drown out
    • Be louder in order to cover another sound.
    • i.e.She turned up the music to drown out
    • the noise of the children outside.
  17. egg on
  18. even out
    1) Eliminate differences of opinion.

    • 2) Become level or regular
    • i.e
    • 1)
    • After a long discussion they managed to even out their differences.
    • 2) The road was evened out to make it safer.
  19. fizzle out
    • Gradually end
    • i.e.Over the years their friendship fizzled out.
  20. frown on/upon
    • Disapprove
    • i.e.My parents always frowned on smoking.
  21. fuss over
    Pay excessive attention to
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