Cultural Diversity

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  1. •Nia is an 18 year old African female brought into the hospital by her residence hall
    director.  Nia arrived in the US two weeks ago from a small African village.  Since her arrival
    her roommate has complained about her strange behavior and observed her talking to herself on multiple occasions.  When asked, Nia
    acknowledged having “spells” in which she speaks with spirits.  She denies any drug use and all of her lab work has come back in normal ranges.  The ER has called you in for a psychiatric consult.
    Conduct a cultural formulation.
  2. what are the five elements in cultural competence?
    • awareness and acceptance of difference
    • –awareness of one's own cultural values
    • –understanding of the dynamics of difference
    • –development of cultural knowledge
    • –ability to adapt practice skills to fit the cultural context of the client
  3. Cultural
    Competency - KAS
    • •Knowledge– Cognitive dimension
    • •Awareness– Affective dimension
    • •Skills– Behavioral dimension
  4. Race is
    •human grouping that is biologically/ genetically determined. (not really)

    –Poorly correlated with biological or cultural phenomena
  5. Ethnicity is
    •common ancestry, shared beliefs, and history
  6. •diagnostic
    process and treatment decisions
    • Subjective dimension 
    • objective dimension
  7. Subjective dimension =
    values, feelings, and ideals
  8. Objective dimension
    =beliefs, traditions, & behavioral prescriptions (laws and rituals)
  9. Diversity Within Groups
    •Assimilate vs. acculturate
    Assimilate  - host culture replaces original

    Acculturate– keep original culture, while incorporating aspects of host culture
  10. Rates
    of mental and physical illness differ by
    • •race,
    • culture, and socio-economic levels
  11. Diversity
    Within Groups
    • •African Diaspora -  includes African Americans, Canadians,
    • Caribbean (West Indian), South America, and Africa.

    • •American Indian/Alaskan Natives - 561 tribes
    • –different
    • cultural traditions, languages (over 200), & ancestry.
    • •Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders - 43 separate groups–Speak over 100 languages.
    • •Caucasian / European descent – often overlooked group–Culture,traditions, and language differ

    • •Hispanics– share traditional language (Spanish)
    • –Diverse geographic groups Mexican, Puerto Rican, Cuban, Central and South American
  12. •Co-cultures vs. subgroups,
    and minority groups
    –Largely acculturated or assimilated into mainstream U.S. culture

    –Some retain their native languages

    –Some interact almost exclusively with members of their own ethnic / cultural group.
  13. Skills
    • -communication
    • -inquiry 
    • -observation
    • -Acknowledge differences
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