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  1. Cardioversion
    delivers electrical current; synchronized mode
  2. Cardioversion is used
    when unstable rhythm like ventricular or SVT rhythm
  3. Cardioversion
    stops reentry of circuit and allows sinus node to regain control of heart
  4. Don’t shock
    during T wave
  5. With cardioversion, when to withhold dig
    48 hours before elective cardioversion
  6. Why no dig?
    Increased ventricular irritability and puts the patient at risk for VF after the countershock
  7. For afib or aflut cardio
    take anticoagulants 4-6 weeks before procedure to prevent clots from moving to brain or lungs
  8. Nursing care after cardioversion
    airway, O2, vitals, LOC, antidysrhythmic drug therapy, assess for chest burns, emotional support, document results
  9. Defibrillation
    delivers electrical current; asynchronous mode
  10. Defib charge
    120-200 joules for biphasic or 360 for monophasic
  11. Shocks are recommended for
    VF or pulseless vtach only
  12. Safety measures
    good contact, conductive medium, check paddle placement, cardio-synchronizer on and defib synchronizer off
  13. Why ICD
    vtach or vfib not caused by MI
  14. ICD
    lifethreatening episodes, left ventricular function, anti-tach pacing, programmed
  15. Ejection fraction
  16. Patient prep
    educate, psychological profile, consent, prep for procedure
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