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  1. Enlightenment
    the growth of new ideas in europe and america
  2. john locke
    • said government was a social contract
    • Believed that god had laws to help the human world run smoothly
  3. Benjamin Franklin
    • scientist
    • writer
    • statesman
    • post office
    • invented the stove
  4. Jonathan Edwards
    Leader in the revival of religious feelings
  5. George whitefield
    sparked the great awakening
  6. Salem Witch Trials
    • a mass hysteria in 1692 where people were falsely accused of witchcraft
    • 20 killed
    • 150 imprisoned
  7. John Peter Zenger
    • 1735,German Immigrant
    • Landmark victory freedom of the press
  8. The French and Indian war (7 years war)
    decided once and for all the future of the North America by establishing British supremecy
  9. Militiamen
    • civilian
    • volunteer 
    • small armys
  10. Albany Congress
    Tried to draw up a treaty with the Indians that all the colonies would sign
  11. Treaty of Paris (1763)
    • Britain took florida from spain
    • Britain obtained all of Modern day Canada and all the land East of the MS. River except New Orleans
  12. Boston Newsletter
    first continuous newsletter for the colonies 1704
  13. Proclamation act
    Forbid settlers from settling west of the Appalachian mountains
  14. Sugar act of 1764
    • taxed Molasses and increased the restriction on colonial commerce, alarmed colonials
    • many smuggled molasses from the french sugar islands
  15. Quartering act of 1765
    required any colonists where troops were stationed to provide them with quarters and supplies
  16. stamp act of 1765
    • Required that tax stamps be puchased and placed on all legal documents
    • Liquor
    • diplomas
    • newpaper
    • dice
    • and playing cards
  17. Patrick Henry
    said no taxation without representation
  18. Sons of Liberty
    protected American Liberty by making sure no stamps where ever issued
  19. Nonimportation
    economic preassure on the British by refusing to BUY their goods
  20. Townsend acts
    • 1767 New York restraining act
    • import taxes on lead paint tea paper and glass
  21. Boston Massacre
    • march 5 1770
    • British soldiers killed 5 civilians
  22. The gaspee
    British schooner ship burned by colonials in 1772
  23. Committee of Corospondance
    Purpose was to warn colonies about incidents with the British
  24. Boston Tea Party
    colonists dumb 15000 lbs of tea into the harbor in 1774
  25. Intolerable acts
    in 1774 Boston Port Act is passed which closed down the Boston Port until all the tea is paid for
  26. First continental congress
    wanted to get rid of the intolerable acts
  27. George Wahington
    • leader commander and chief wanted to choose a virginian 
    • good judgement had respect
  28. Bunker Hill
    • First major fight of the war
    • British soldiers suffered 40% casualties
  29. Causes of the American Revolution
    • Wanted self Government
    • sense a seperate identity from Great Britain
  30. Benedict Arnold
    The Traitor
  31. Thomas Pain
    • wrote common sense
    • 500,000 printed most important document since the constitution
  32. Declaration of Independence
    • declared independence from Britain
    • Written by Thomas Jerfferson
    • july 4 1776
  33. Patriots
    American colonists who supported independence
  34. Loyalists
    • remained loyal to king
    • located around large cities
  35. Mercenaries
    Fight for money
  36. John Paul Jones
    • Naval Hero 
    • captured several British ships
  37. Continental army
    • Washingtons army
    • stayed together for 8 years
  38. Molly Pitcher
    • First female sergent
    • Fought along side her husband
  39. saratoga
    turning point of the war British Defeated
  41. Valley Forge
    • North Pennsylvania
    • washingtons winter refuge
  42. Yorktown
    Independence is won Corwallis surrenders
  43. Treaty of paris 1783
    • the British recognize us as a independant nation
    • recognizes fishing rights for america
    • sets new boundaries
  45. Middle pasage
    • Made it difficult to travel
    •  1 in 3 slaves died
  46. overseer
  47. artisans
    slaves with a certain skill
  48. pequot war
    • very powerful tribe
    • attacked a village on the mystic river
  49. King Phillips War
    • only way for natives to resist white settlers was for natives to unite
    • messaoites son united natives and staged attack
    • war ended if failure for indians
  50. Mercantalism
    an economic system used to increase a governments wealth
  51. Balance of trade
    Goods are even
  52. Navigation acts of 1660 and 1663
    • No country can trade with colonies unless they are using British ships
    • all vessels have to be 3/4 colonial or british
    • colonies where not aloud to trade sugar or tobacco with any other country except england.
  53. salutary neglect
    • carried out throught the 16 and 1700s
    • this policy was and unspoken aggreement to let the colonies develop without over regulating them
  54. Traitor
    one who betrays their country
  55. confiscate
    to sieze public property
  56. envoy
    a messenger or agent sent by a government of official business
  57. rabble
    a mass of disorderly and crude common people
  58. arsenal
    a place for making or storin weapons and ammunition
  59. isolationists
    concerning the belief that a country should take little or no part in foreign affairs
  60. heredity
    passed down for geration to genration
  61. blockade
    The isolaton of a place by hostile ships or troops
  62. privateer
    a private vessel temporarily authorized  to capture or plunder enemy shops in wartime
  63. graft
    taking advantage of ones official position to gain money or property by illegal means
  64. continental congress
    The body that chose George Washington commander of the Continental Army
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