Microbiology Test Review Ch. 1-3

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  1. What are the THREE domains of classification?
    Archaea, Bacteria, Eukarya
  2. What is the function of ribosomes and a distinguishing characteristic of them?
    protein synthesis, NOT membrane bound
  3. What is cyanobacteria?
    blue/green bacteria that photosynthesize and produce oxygen
  4. What is the unit of measurement that is 1/1000 of a millimeter?
  5. What is the function of mitochondria?
    energy conservation
  6. What are some characteristics of a Prokaryote?
    LACKS membrane, NO true nucleus
  7. What defines a Eukaryote?
    Has a membrane and bound organelles
  8. Bacteria has a...
    cell wall of peptidoglycan
  9. What is the purpose of a stain when analyzing specimens?
    To improve contrast when specimen is transparent
  10. Name THREE types of archaea
    Methanogens, thermophiles, & extreme halophiles
  11. Archaea has NO...
    NO peptidoglycan
  12. Halophiles exist in...
    high osmotic pressure (salty) environments
  13. RNA is central to
  14. Which lens do you look through on a microscope?
    Ocular lens
  15. What is the numerical aperture?
    Amount of light the lens can gather
  16. What are the objective lenses on a microscope?
    intensification lenses
  17. What is the condensing lens on a microscope?
    condenses light onto specimen/slide
  18. What is the limit of resolution?
    minimum distance that two objects can be apart in order to see two objects...to resolve one object from the other
  19. What is the name of the unit of measurement 1/1000 of a micrometer?
  20. What is the term for bending light?
  21. Any distance less than the minimum limit of resolution...
    is not possible to see two objects
  22. wavelength of light
    520 nanometers
  23. Limit of resolution equation
    520/ numerical aperture of objective lens+ numerical aperture of condenser lens
  24. Turbidity
  25. Lister was an English surgeon that used
    carbonic acid/phenol in surgery to prevent wound infections
  26. Koch's postulates
    series of steps used to distinguish which bacteria caused disease
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