Epithelial Tissues

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  1. 4 basic categories of tissues
    Epithelial tissue

    Connective tissue

    Muscle tissue

    Nervous tissue
  2. Epithelial tissue
    •ON SURFACES of body or cavities - :. free surface that protects, absorbs, or secretes; Will sometimes see air/cavity above it when viewing on a slide.

    •NOT DEEP (as in close to bone)! But attaches to connective tissue below at junction called basement membrane
  3. Connective tissue
    •Most abundant and widespread type type of tissue

    •Binds or connects - e.g., tendons & ligaments

    •Supports or gives structural strength - e.g., bone & cartilage

    •Provides energy - e.g., adipose tissue

    •Has type specific cells (--cytes - e.g., adipocyte)

    • •Cells embedded in extracellular matrix, like
    • fruit in jello salad

    •Matrix forms most of the tissue structure, rather than cells
  4. Muscle tissue
    Move, change shape of hollow structures (stomach), pull on bone for movement
  5. Nervous tissue
    control, regulate
  6. Simple Squamous
    Single layer or flattened cells with disc-shaped nuclei 

    Lines blood vessels, lymph nodes, and the alveoli of the lungs
  7. Simple cuboidal epithelium
    Single layer of cubelike cells

    found on the surface of the ovary and the thyroid
  8. Simple columnar epithelium
    Single layer of tall cells with oval nuclei

    Lines the intestines
  9. Stratified columnar epithelium
    Superficial cells that are elongated and columnar

    Found in the ducts
  10. Stratified squamous epithelium
    Basal cells that are cuboidal or columnar

    Makes up the epidermis of the skin
  11. Pseudostratified columnar epithelium
    Cells of different heights with nuclei at differnt levels

    Form the lining of the respiratory tract
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    Simple Squamous Epithelium
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    Psuedostratified Ciliated columnar epithelium
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