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  1. studied memory using stories, schemas
    Frederic Bartlett (late 1800's
  2. challenged behaviorists, influential linguist, generative grammer
    Noam Chomsky 1950's
  3. neurophilosophers
    Patricia and Paul Churchland
  4. co discoverer of the DNA molecule, advanced study of consciousness
    Francis Crick
  5. innate ideas, dualism
    Descartes 1600's
  6. first book on memory
    Herman Ebbinghaus (1883)
  7. psychoanalysis
    Sigmund Freud (1900)
  8. surgery resulted in deficits study which advanced memory research
    HM (Henry Molaison)
  9. First psychology lab in the US was at
    John Hopkins in 1883
  10. how nervous system functions
    Donald Hebb (1900's)
  11. first book of psychology
    William James (1890)
  12. Gestalt psychology
    Wolfgang Kohler
  13. stresses importance of empiricism, also tabula rasa
    Locke (late 1600's)
  14. co founder of cognitive psychology
    Geroge Miller (mid 1900's)
  15. frontal lobotomies
    Egas Moniz (1936)
  16. first book in cognitive psychology, importance of giving psychology away
    Uric Neisser (1967)
  17. conditioning
    Ivan Pavlov (early 1900's)
  18. frontal lobe damage
    Phineas Gage (1848)
  19. development of thinking and language in children
    Jean Piaget (early 1900's)
  20. innate ideas, brain
  21. learned helplessness, positive psychology
    Martin Seligman
  22. inventor of information theory
    Claude Shannon (mid 1900's)
  23. operant conditioning
    BF Skinner (1930's-40's)
  24. triarchic theory of intelligence
    Robert Sternberg
  25. behaviorist, law of effect
    Edward Thorndike
  26. structuralism. student of wundt
    Edward Titchener
  27. behaviorist, fear conditioning (little albert)
    John Watson (early 1900s)
  28. first lab in psychology
    Willhelm Wundt (1879)
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