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  1. Frederic Tuder discovered that _____ minimized melting ice rather than _____.
    sawdust, hay
  2. Frederic Tuder bought his own brig for _____ and set sail in _____ with _____.
    $4,750, 1806, 130 tons of ice
  3. Frederic Tuder died in _____ at age _____.
    1864, 80
  4. What causes cloudy ice cubes?
    When water is frozen quickly or when the water is high in dissolved solids.
  5. What is the benefit of clear ice?
    It melts 5 times slower.
  6. Is block ice clear or cloudy?
  7. To have as little dilution as possible what kind of ice should you use?
    Japanese ice balls
  8. Name 7 types of ice?
    Block Ice, Ice Balls, Cube Ice, Gourmet Ice, Crushed Ice, Flake Ice Nugget Ice
  9. Mixing Techniques

    When blending a drink you should _____ and _____.
    add ice last, always begin with the slowest setting and work your way up.
  10. Mixing Techniques 

    What is FLamed Zest?
    Burning the aromatic oils found in the rind of citrus fruit.
  11. Mixing Techniques 

    Pouring all ingredients in order into a glass is called? Ice is not usually required.
  12. Mixing Techniques 

    When infusing what is the time for steeping?
    12-24 hours
  13. Mixing Techniques 

    Who is a very famous "roller"?
    Jerry Thomas
  14. What was Jerry Thomas' nickname?
    The Blue Blazer
  15. Mixing Techniques 

    What are two no no's when it comes to shaking?
    Never use the same ice twice, Do not shake carbonated drinks
  16. Mixing Techniques 

    Why use a dry shake?
    to emulsify the egg in egg white drinks
  17. Mixing Techniques 

    What are the 3 common shake techniques?
    Boston shaker, standard shaker, two tins shake.
  18. Mixing Techniques 

    Describe straight up?
    Straining a beverage previously chilled over ice into a glass without ice.
  19. The _____ amendment repealed the _____ amendment on _____.
    21st, 18th, December 5th 1933
  20. The _____ amendment was ratified on _____ and went into effect on _____.
    January 16th 1919, January 20th 1920
  21. The use of ice began in _____.
  22. The first ice machine was invented in _____ by _____.
    1855, James Harrison
  23. The Cullen- Harrison act became law on _____. It allowed the sale of _____.
    April 7th 1933, 3.2 beer and light wines
  24. Vermouth in Italy...
  25. Vermouth in France...
  26. Distillation is _____.
    the process of separating alcohol from water using heat
  27. What are the heads and tails?
    The first and last part of the just distilled spirit, which are going to be recycled.
  28. In vodka production, charcoal filtration is used to _____.
    remove impurities and congeners
  29. Can you make London Dry Gin outside of London?
    Yes, it can be made anywhere.
  30. What do the terms: full strength, barrell strength or cask strength mean?
    The spirit is un-diluted before bottling.
  31. What is a vatted malt?
    Single malts blended together.
  32. Mixto tequila can be shipped out of Mexico in bulk and bottled anywhere.
  33. 100% de agave tequila can be shipped out of Mexico in bulk and bottled anywhere.
  34. What is blended American whiskey?
    Blend of at least 20% straight whiskey and the rest is grain neutral spirit.
  35. What is the main state Mezcal is produced in?
  36. What does small batch bourbon mean?
    No more than three select barrels used.
  37. Where does Cruzan rum come from?
    U.S. Virgin Islands
  38. Rum obtained from sugarcane molasses is called _____.
  39. To be called corn whiskey it must be at least _____.
    80% corn
  40. Captain Morgan was developed in _____.
    the early 1980's
  41. List the 3 ingredients used in the making of single malt scotch whiskey?
    water, barley malt, yeast
  42. Can mixto tequila be aged in wooden barrels?
  43. Is pot still made out of copper the only authorized to produce tequila?
  44. Name three styles of vermouth?
    dry, red, bianco
  45. Vermouth derives from the German word for wormwood.
  46. What is Vermouth?
    Fortified wine with flavor added.
  47. The main difference between lager and ale beer is?
    The types of yeasts used.
  48. Trappiste beers undergo a second fermentation in the bottle.
  49. Does Junmai sake contain neutral alcohol?
  50. What is the purpose of koji in sake?
    Break down the sugar to be fermented.
  51. List the four ingredients in sake.
    rice, water, koji, yeast
  52. Fermentation is _____.
    when yeast interacts with fermentable sugars to generate alcohol and CO2
  53. Name a brand of armagnac from bas armagnac?
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