SAT Vocab

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  1. to undermine
    weaken, sabotage, subvert, debilitate, destabilize
  2. arrogant
    having exaggerated self opinion; egotistical or overproud
  3. cynic
    one who believes that only selfishness motivates human actions
  4. to provoke
    to anger or vex; to stir up call forth feelings, desires, or activity
  5. phenomenon
    a fact, occurrence, or circumstance observed or observable; something remarkable or extraordinary
  6. to speculate
    to engage in thought, especially conjectural thought
  7. to assert
    to state positively; declare
  8. divisive
    dissenting, at odds with, alienating; creating dissension or discord
  9. nostalgia
    a sentimental longing for something in the past
  10. versatile
    capable of turning easily from one thing to another; having many uses or applications
  11. profound
    showing deep insight or understanding; originating in the depths of one's being
  12. tenacity
    persistence, strong character, perseverance
  13. plausibility
    credibility, believability
  14. pragmatic
    practical, sensible, logical
  15. adept
    skilled, expert
  16. to disparage
    to speak of negatively; to belittle
  17. aesthetic
    having to do with the appreciation of beauty
  18. foster
    to promote the growth or development of; to bring up
  19. esoteric
    intended for or understood by only a small group
  20. inevitable
    unable to be avoided or escaped
  21. substantiate
    to support with proof or evidence; to verify
  22. subtle
    difficult to perceive; fine or delicate; characterized by or requiring mental acuteness
  23. to presume
    to take for granted, assume, or suppose; to do something without permission
  24. sentiment
    an attitude, feeling or opinion; refined or tender emotion
  25. abstruse
    difficult to understand
  26. deliberate
    studied or intentional; careful or slow in deciding
  27. bolster
    to hearten, support, prop up
  28. conventional
    conforming to accept standards
  29. autonomy
    independence; self-determination
  30. to discern
    to recognize and understand
  31. futile
    incapable of producing a useful result; vain
  32. trivial
    of very little importance
  33. elitism
    the practice of or belief in rule by elite
  34. forbear
    to refrain from; to be patient or self- controlled
  35. frivolous
    characterize by lack of seriousness or sense; not worthy of notice; trivial
  36. to prevail
    to be widespread or current
  37. anachronism
    the representation of something as existing or happening in the wrong time period
  38. connoisseur
    an expert judge in an art or matters of taste
  39. to baffle
    to bewilder, perplex, astound or confuse
  40. benign
    kind and gentle
  41. brevity
    the quality or state of being brief in duration
  42. callous
    emotionally hardened; unfeeling
  43. duplicitous
    deceitful, dishonest, two faced, deliberately deceptive
  44. erroneous
    containing an error; incorrect
  45. to mitigate
    to make or become less severe, intense, painful
  46. objective
    a purpose, goal; not influenced by personal feelings, unbiased
  47. vigor
    active strength or force, intensity; healthy physical or mental energy, vitality
  48. paradox
    a contradiction, a puzzle, an inconsistency
  49. reticence
    the quality or state of keeping silent, reserve
  50. penchant
    a strong inclination or liking
  51. somber
    gloomily dark; downcast, glum; extremely serious grave
  52. to debilitate
    to impair the strength of, to weaken
  53. steadfast
    fixed in place, position or direction; firm in purpose or resolution; unwavering
  54. to admonish
    to caution or advise against something
  55. anomaly
    an odd, peculiar or strange condition, situation, quality
  56. reverence
    a high opinion of something; admiration
  57. enigma
    a puzzle, mystery or riddle
  58. apathetic
    feeling or showing little emotion
  59. capricious
    impulsive and unpredictable
  60. commonplace
    ordinary; dull
  61. devoid
    totally lacking; destitute
  62. incredulous
    disinclined to believe; indicating disbelief
  63. belligerent
    eager to fight; hostile or aggressive
  64. to edify
    to instruct and improve, especially morally; to enlighten
  65. voracious
    craving or consuming large quantities of food; exceedingly eager
  66. idiosyncrasy
    peculiarity, oddity, quirk, characteristic, trait, singularity
  67. lucid
    easily understood; clear
  68. to repute
    to consider, believe
  69. stringent
    rigorously binding or exacting, strict
  70. temperament
    the combination of mental and emotional traits of a person; nature
  71. insolent
    insulting in manner or speech
  72. tact
    skill in dealing with difficult or delicate situations
  73. arbitrary
    unreasonable or unsupported
  74. volatile
    evaporating rapidly; tending or threatening to erupt in violence, explosive
  75. charisma
    a personal magnetism that enables an individual to attract or influence people
  76. consensus
    solidarity of opinion; general agreement or harmony
  77. personage
    a person of distinction or importance
  78. demagogue
    an orator or political leader who gains power by arousing people's emotions and prejudices
  79. congenial
    agreeable to suitable in nature
  80. pretension
    a claim to something; an unwarranted or false claim
  81. dilettante
    a person who takes up an art, activity, or subject for amusement, especially in a superficial way; dabbler
  82. equanimity
    composure, especially under stress; evenness
  83. benevolent
    marked by or disposed to doing good
  84. crude
    in a raw or unrefined state; lacking in culture and refinement; vulgar
  85. predilection
    a partiality; preference
  86. indignation
    strong displeasure at something considered unjust, offensive, insulting or biased
  87. knack
    a special skill or talent; a clever way of doing something
  88. prudent
    wisely careful, showing good judgement
  89. to belie
    to show to be false, contradict
  90. sardonic
    characterized by bitter or scornful derision; mocking; cynical; sneering
  91. banal
    lack of freshness or originality; hackneyed; trite
  92. sanguine
    cheerfully optimistic, hopeful, or confident
  93. quiescence
    being at rest; quiet; still; inactive or motionless
  94. austere
    severe in manner or appearance; uncompromising; strict;grave; serious
  95. to condone
    to disregard or overlook (something illegal, objectionable); to pardon or forgive (an offense); excuse
  96. succinct
    marked by brevity; concise; compressed into a small area
  97. guileless
    sincere; honest; straightforward; frank
  98. placid
    pleasantly calm or peaceful; unruffled; tranquil
  99. prodigious
    extraordinary in size, amount, extent, degree
  100. germane
    appropriate, applicable, pertinent, related
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