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  1. What is God Bless You or thank you very much?
    Baaraka Allahu fik
  2. What is informal thank you?
    Shukran Jazilan
  3. What is you're welcome?
    • Al عafw (you're welcome)
    • La shukra عala wajib (not at all, don't mention it)
    • Shukran (thanks)
  4. What is NO?
  5. What is thanks?
    Shukr / shukra
  6. What is on/upon?
    ع علی ala
  7. What is duty?
  8. What is please (this please)?
    هذاعفاكHada min fadlik /Hada عafakThis please (masc.)هذي من فضلكهذي عفاكHadi min fadlik /Hadi عafakThis please (fem.)هداك من فضلكهداك عفاكHadak min fadlik /Hadak عafakThat please (masc.)هديك من فضلكهديك عفاكHadik min fadlik/Hadik عafakThat please (fem.)هدو من فضلكهدو عفاكHadu min fadlik /Hadu عafakThese pleaseArabic Romanization Englishهدوك من فضلكهدوك عفاكHaduk min fadlik /Haduk عafakThose pleaseVOCABULARYArabic Romanization Englishهذا Hada This (masc.)هذي Hadi This (fem.)هدو Hadu These (plur.)هداك Hadak That (masc.)هديك Hadik That (fem.)هدوك Haduk Those (plur.)من فضلك Min fadlik Please (Standard)ع عفاك afak Please (Spoken)
  9. what are basic greetings?
    Arabic Romanization Englishعليكم alaykum Upon youصباح sabaah morningالسلام عليكم As-salaamu alaykum Peace be upon you(used to say hello)عليكم السلام Alaykumu s-salaam Peace be upon you too(used to respond to thegreeting above)صباح الخير Sabaah al-khayr Good morningمساء الخير Masaa’ al-khayr Good eveningVOCABULARYArabic Romanization Englishالسلام As-salaamu Peaceمساء Masaa eveningالخير Al-khayr goodness
  10. What are parting greetings?
    Arabic Romanization Englishمع السلامة Ma عa s-salaama Go in peace (good bye)تصبح Tusbih You become (masc.)تصبحي Tusbihi You become (fem.)تصبحو Tusbihu You become (plural)تصبح علی خير Tusbih ala khayr Good night (masc.)تصبحي علی خير Tusbihi ala khayr Good night (fem.)تصبحو علی خير Tusbihu ala khayr Good night (plural)الی اللقاء ila l-liqaa’ So long
  11. Where is the bathroom?
    Ayna al-merhad? Where is the bathroom?(Classical Arabic)فين المرحاض؟ Feen al-merhad? Where is the bathroom?(Spoken Arabic)أين Ayna where (Classical Arabic) feen where (Spoken Arabic)المرحاض Al-merhad toiletsالرجال Rijaal menالنساء Nisaa’ women
  12. Can you speak English?
    Hal tatakallamu Al-enjleziya?
  13. Can you say it again?
    Marra ukhra min fadlik
  14. What is I'm Sorry?

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Survival phrases

Survival phrases
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