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  1. What is anatomy?
    the study of the structures of the body and their relationships
  2. What is physiology?
    the study of how the structure of the body function
  3. 4 categories that anatomy can be divided
    -gross anatomy

    -microscopic anatomy

    -developmental anatomy and embryology

  4. what two categories can gross anatomy be divided into?

  5. What 5 categories can physiology be divided?




    -organ systems
  6. What is homeostasis?
    bodies ability to maintain a relatively stable environment even through the outside world changes constantly
  7. (directional terms) Intermediate
    between a more medial and a more lateral structure

    ex) the collarbone is intermediate between the breastbone and shoulder
  8. (directional terms) Superficial
    toward or at the body surface

    ex)the skin is superficial to the skeletal muscles
  9. (directional terms) deep
    • away from the body surface
    • *more internal

    ex)the lungs are deep to the skin
  10. (directional terms) What is supine?
    face up
  11. (directional terms) what is prone?
    face down
  12. (directional terms) Ipsilateral
    same side
  13. (directional terms) Contralateral
    opposite side
  14. (directional terms) Median
    in the middle
  15. (lining of membranes) Parietal serosa
    the outside lining of the cavity
  16. (lining of membranes) Serous fluid
    fluid thats in between the parietal serosa and visceral serosa
  17. (lining of membranes) Visceral serosa
    the inner membrane
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