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  1. what 7 bones form the upper extremity?






  2. What 2 bones make up the pectoral girdle?
    clavicle and scapula
  3. (scapula) What is supraglenoid tubercle, infraglenoid tubercle, and coracoid process used for?
    rougher area for muscle attachment
  4. (scapula) Subscapular fossa
    -costal surface, bc it is the surface that lies onto the ribs of the posterior thorax
  5. (humerus)What is the intertubercular groove also known as?
    • bicipital groove
    • *it contains the long head of the biceps brachia muscle
  6. (humerus) What would happen if we do not have a radial fossa?
    we would be unable to have full extension or flexion of the forearm
  7. (humerus) What does the radial fossa allow us to do?
    allows head of the radius to move into the fossa when forearm is flexed
  8. (humerus) What does the capitulum articulate with?
    with head of radius
  9. (humerus) What is the medial epicondyle nickname?
    funny bone
  10. (humerus) WHat is the coronoid fossa?
    it allows the coronoid proces of the ulna to move into this area on forearm flexion
  11. (humerus) Where does the head of humerus articulate?
    glenoid cavity
  12. (humerus) Why is the surgical neck called surgical neck?
    this is the most common place where the humerus fractures
  13. (humerus) What is the function of radial groove?
    • -groove for the radial nerve
    • *runs posteriorly to lateral
  14. (humerus) Olecranon Fossa
    • -allows olecranon to extend into this depression on forearm extension
    • *posterior side
  15. (ulna) olecranon process (2)
    -fits onto the olecranon fossa upon extension

    -forms the point of the elbow
  16. (ulna) What does the trcohlea notch do?
    hooks around the trochlea of the humeurs during flexion and extension
  17. (ulna) Where does the coronoid process articulate?
    fits onto the coronoid process on the humeus upon elbow flexion
  18. (ulna) which 2 structures hook together to form trochlea notch?
    olecranon process and coronoid process
  19. (ulna) What is the ulnar notch?
    slight depression whre ulna articulates with distal end of the radius
  20. (radius) what is the radial notch?
    • is concave sructure where it articulates with the capitulum of the humerus
    • *it is a concave structure
  21. (radius) What is the radial tuberosity?
    is a bump that is roughen and used for insertion of biceps brachia tendon
  22. what are the 3 types of bones on the hand?


  23. What are the 8 bones of the hand?
    • -Scaphoid
    • -Lunate
    • -Triquetral
    • -Pisiform
    • -Trapezium
    • -Trapezoid
    • -Capitate
    • -Hamate
  24. What are the metacarpels?
    bones of the palm of hands
  25. What are the phalanges?
    bones of the fingers
  26. What are carpels?
    bones of the wrist
  27. Which phalange does not have a middle?
  28. Which metacarpal is #1?
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