General Orders

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  1. Employees seeking guidance, clarification, or assistance in complying with an order, directive, or instruction will confer with their immediate supervisor.If conflict cannot be resolved at this level, it will be presented to the next higher authority in progression; exceptions are:
    Personal Matters - non-operational

    Committees -Persons serving on committees or assigned to special projects may work directly with Supervisors or Commanders outside the Chain of Command.
  2. The highest ranking officer present will assume command of any given situation. However, when members of two or more sections are involved in a criminal investigation, the ranking member present from the section responsible for__________ will assume command.
    The follow-up investigation of the case
  3. Special Orders are in effect for _________from the date of issue unless otherwise specified.
    One year
  4. Pursuit-No more than ___ vehicles involved in the pursuit.  One primary and two support units.  Controlling super____________ be on of the 3 units
    3 Vehicles

    Super should not be one of the support units
  5. Bomb threat, the watch commander will evaluate and decide if evacuation is necessary.  Evacuation will be required if:
    1. An explosive device is found

    • 2. A reason is given for the threat that is credible and relates to events that have
    • occurred which could generate violent action against government or the Department specifically.

    • 3. Information contained in the threat is so precise about the time of detonation, nature of explosive, and reason for threat that the
    • presence of an explosive device could be logically concluded.


    B. Notify the Fire Department immediately.

    • C. If evacuation is ordered, place prisoners in the transport van or patrol cars and move
    • them to a safe location.      
  6. If the employee believes an instruction or order is improper, he should:
    obey the instruction or order and file a complaint after carrying out the order or instruction.
  7. Customer Service Analysis form (CSA) is designed to identify what?
    Strengths and Weaknesses in the police delivery system
  8. The Chief of Police authorizes wearing of the uniform off duty on special occasions such as:
    1. Funerals

    2. Approved off-duty employment
  9. Unauthorized use or release of CCI is what type of offense?
    Class A
  10. NCIC/TCIC information: If an off-duty employee is faced with a situation that is a
    __________ and use of the database would help ___________, that employee may
    contact the on-duty__________ and request the data.
    Threat to safety

    Eliminate the threat

    Watch Commander
  11. The max total number of hours worked off-duty per week is__________ excess of on-duty hours. This is necessary to ensure officer safety. An exhausted officer is less alert and more likely to be injured or
    use bad

    30 hours
  12. An employee requesting ______ or more consecutive vacation days will file _________with his immediate supervisor no less than______ prior to the starting date of the vacation.
    3 Days

    Written Request

    5 Days
  13. Responsibilitie of a shift supervisor in a suspicious death investigation?
    Insure notification of the next of kin
  14. Class II complaints concern minor misconduct. They are investigated by the employee's supervisor. They include: (4)
    1. Discourtesy

    2. Improper procedures which typically result in counseling or letter of reprimand.

    3. Poor job performance

    4. Driving complaints
  15. Search warrants may be obtained to photograph an injured childwho has been a
    victim of?
    1. Injury to a child

    2. Sexual Assault of a child

    3. Agg Sexual Assault of a Child
  16. Request the presence of a supervisor at the location of the following incidents involving criminal justice employees: (5)
    1. Domestic violence.

    2. Crimes against persons.

    3. Driving while intoxicated.

    4. Traffic accidents with serious injuries.

    5. Fail to leave identification at the scene of an accident.
  17. An employee must always write a report if the incident is  ___________ or a ___________, if at all possible
    1. Family violence

    2. Felony crime against persons
  18. Incident Reports will be written to describe significant public safety incidents which are not criminal offenses. Examples are:
    1. Deceased persons

    2. Missing persons and runaways, including seventeen-year-olds

    3. Serious injury to a child as the result of a non-traffic accident

    4. Attempted suicides

    5. Any condition that poses a serious safety hazard for the community

    6. Recovery of property which was stolen from another jurisdiction in which an arrest of the violator is not made or

    7. Any situation that causes an officer or supervisor to think that there is a need for a report.
  19. An officer must submit a written ‘Use of Force’ report to the Chief of Police whenever the employee:
    1. Discharges a firearm while off duty;

    2. Takes an action that results in or is alleged to have resulted in any injury to another person;

    3. Applies force through the use of a non-lethal weapon; or

    4. Places a prisoner in the jail restraint chair.
  20. An officer must complete the department _________before he is allowed to work off-duty
    Field training program
  21. An officer who is on suspension is not permitted to work any _______ assignment
  22. Over time postings:  Officers may sign up for more than one shift per period posted provided an opening has existed for ________ to the start of the shift
    48 hours prior
  23. Vacation request of  2 days vacation the employee must file:
    A written request with in 24 hours prior to the start of vacation.
  24. Processing complaints:  No disciplinary action may be taken without completion of a:
    “Notice of Complaint” form.
  25. Disciplinary action begins at the level of an_________reprimand.
  26. The processing of all Class II complaints should normally be completed within...
    thirty(30) days.
  27. The processing of all Class I complaints should normally be completed within.....
    sixty(60) days.
  28. No more than______marked vehicles may be out at the same location at the same time for abreak
    3 Three
  29. No more than _____ uniformed officers may be out at the same location at the same time for a break
    4 four
  30. At the time of an employee’s death on duty, the highest-ranking officer at the scene will notify__________, or his designee. The deceased member’s name will not be released to the media until immediate family members are notified.
    The Chief of Police
  31. Any employee receiving training from a source other than the Lewisville Police Academy will forward a copy of the diploma or certificate of completion to the Training Officer within _____working days.
    10 Ten days
  32. Arrest Without a Warrant: Not in view of officer only when? (9)
    • 1. Ordered by magistrate
    • 2. Breach of the peace (Disorderly conduct,Weapons,DWI)
    • 3.PC to believe a felony was committed.
    • 4.Violation of a protective Order
    • 5.Assault was committed / danger of further bodily injury
    • 6.Assault F/V
    • 7.Prevent the consequences of theft
    • 8. Preventing a 911 call
    • 9. Admits to a felony that establishes PC
  33. Arrest warrant shall meet these requirements: (5)
    • 1. Issued in the name of the state of Texas
    • 2.Name or describes person to be arrested
    • 3.States the offense 
    • 4.Identifies the office of magistrate where issued
    • 5.signed by magistrate
  34. When running Code2 or 3, an officer may exceed the posted speed limit by no more than____mph and only 25 mph total in residential.
  35. Officers may accelerate to a reasonable speed to overtake a violator.When the overtaking speed exceeds_____mph over the limit, officers must turn on both emergency lights and siren.
  36. Prohibited to pursue in school zones to include the periods _____ before and after the standard school zone time;
    1/2 hour
  37. Pursuits will be terminated for the following 5 reasons......
    • 1.loss of visual contact other than momentarily
    • 2. unfavorable weather, road, vehicle or pedestrian traffic
    • 3.nature of offense does not justify
    • 5.Pursuit vehicle equipment malfunction, no else to take over
    • 6.Knowledge of defective tire
  38. Search warrant prerequisites (4)
    1. Run in the State of Texas

    2. Identify as near as possible the person, place of things to be seized

    3.Command a peace officer to search for the person,place or thing.

    4.Signed and dated by a judge
  39. Search Warrant must specify the item to be searched.  In general the items must be? (4)
    1. Fruits of a Crime

    2. Instruments of a crime

    3. Evidence of a crime

    4. Contraband
  40. High risk planned warrants are generally high risk because the person or location has a history or potential of these four things(4)
    1. Armed Violence

    2. Military Style Weapons

    3. Intel of possibility of violence/resistance

    4.Vehicle Assaults
  41. Car Video will be maintained for _____days
    90 days
  42. Supervisor will randomly select portions of car video recordings to review from at least ___employees each month.
    5 employees
  43. Incar video review: Supervisors will file a report by the ____of subsequent month to the assistant chief of the operations bureau
  44. Civil standbys should be handled in about ___minutes and should not generally occur after ____pm and befor____am
    15 Minutes


  45. Definition for abandoned vehicle means an inoperable, more than ___years old, left on public property more than____hours
    5 years old

    48 Hours
  46. If a missing person is______years of age or younger or there is reason to believe he is a victim of criminal activity or otherwise endangered, the investigation will assume priority.  The patrol supervisor will:
    1. Direct an organized search

    2. Augment patrol and investigative forces as needed.

    3. Notify the ADO after regular business hours if the child is not located within 2 hours of the call to police.
  47. Property room Disposal Requirements 1. Any destruction requires at least _____ police employees, one of which has to be a _________.

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