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  1. The muscular pxs and spasms caused by salt being lost through sweating and not replaced, which can develop into metal confusion and convulsions
    heat cramps
  2. What is the muscular tube that carries food from the pharynx to the stomach
  3. a constant force that usually works against proper body posture
  4. concentric contraction is best described by
    the muscle contracts and shortens
  5. the receptor, found in muscles, provides information about the length or change in length of skeletal muscles
    Muscle spindles
  6. a term that describes movement toward the heart, following venous flow
  7. the network of capillaries in the kidneys where filtration of the blood takes place
  8. Definition of aponeurosis
    a broad, flat, think tendon
  9. The "breaking down" phase of metabolism
  10. What is NOT a process in blood clot formation
    stem cells are differentiated
  11. Which hormone produced by the B cells lowers blood sugar levels by promoting glucose uptake by the cells
  12. the serous membrane associated with the lungs is the
    pleural membrane
  13. name the glands that produce and secrete a fluid that is approximately 99% water; contains some electrolytes, salts, and urea: and cools the body by removing heat through evaporation
    sudoriferous glands
  14. a parasympathetic hormone released at the neuromuscular junction to initiate muscle contraction
  15. Dr. Hans Selye, a leading authority on stress, defines stress as
    the nonspecific response of the body to any demand
  16. what can be palpated as a "knot" and is related to soft tissue or fascia that has become connected, as in scar development
  17. for clients to gain the greatest benefit from touch therapy, it is important for them to feel
  18. a bowtie-shaped gland in the neck just below the larynx
    thyroid gland
  19. what cannot be said about an ion
    it is an atom or molecule with no electrical charge
  20. what medication is typically given to prevent clot formation and is used by patients who may be at risk for myocardial infarction or stroke
  21. the term used to describe the study of disease
  22. the four pockets or chambers in the brain where cerebral spinal fluid is produced
  23. what is not an extraction process of essential oils
    centrifugation: use of spinning the separate oils
  24. the heart chakra has what color associated with it
  25. What percentage of semen is actually sperm
  26. the network of tubules in the cytoplasm responsible for packaging and shipping proteins to various areas of the cell
    endopaslmic reticulum
  27. what category of burns in what percentage has an extremely high mortality rate
    third-degree burns on 50% or more of the body surface
  28. what is the name of the long, flattened attached to the superior portion of the testis that functions as a holding area where sperm mature
  29. the hypersecretion of growth hormone is adults - the condition is characterized by hyperglycemia; thickened, coarse skin; and enlargement of the head, jaw, nose, tongue, ears, hands, feet and some internal organs
  30. the thick middle layer of the heart, composed of cardiac muscle tissue that contracts regularly
  31. the group of muscles forms the rotator cuff, which provides movement for the shoulder joint as well as a great deal of stability
    • supraspinatus
    • infraspinatus
    • teres minor
    • subscapularis
  32. in Swedish massage, the direction of the strokes is meant to aid the circulatory and lymphatic systems. Name the therm that explains this concept
  33. name the internal mucous membrane through which the body absorbs digested substances into the blood
  34. a substance consisting of atoms with the same chemical properties is a(n):
  35. the transfer of temperatures through moving liquids or gases is
  36. the long proteins that have globular heads and are responsible for binding with other molecules and pulling thing myofilaments closer together are called
  37. which kind of lever is great for generating power but bad for generating speed? Examples of this lever also called the "nutcracker" lever, include the jaw (back molars) and the ankle joint (plantar flexors with foot on the ground)
    2nd class lever
  38. at what temperature is water considered cold
    55 to 70 degrees F
  39. which hormone stimulates the growth and development of the adrenal cortex
    adrenocorticotropic hormone
  40. the treatment of a medical disease and/or mental disorder with drugs is called
  41. What is the name of a benign tumor of the smooth muscle in the uterus that occurs in 20 to 30% of women older than age 30
    uterine fibroid
  42. the taste buds located on the back of the tongue are sensitive to which taste
  43. name the long gland inferior to the stomach that contains the islets of Langerhans, which produce hormones
  44. what duct brings lymph from the upper-left quadrant and lower extremities of the body and drains into the left subclavian vein
    thoracic duct
  45. why does moist heat require a lower temperature than dry heat to accomplish the same effect
    fluids dissipate temperature much more slowly than dry objects
  46. at what temperature is water considered dangerously hot
    110 degrees or above
  47. Certain procedures are used in situations requiring contact with any body fluid, including blood, urine, sweat, tears, saliva, and semen. These procedures partially consist of proper gloving, masking, and eye protection to guard the caregiver and the client against contractible diseases. What are these procedures called?
    Universal precautions
  48. where are the pharyngeal tonsils located
    below the nasopharynx
  49. What can be palpated according to flow, temperature, stagnancy, or intensity?
    energy blockages
  50. how can meridian energy flow be accessed
    pulse reading and assessment of the meridian flow at the wrists
  51. John Upledger, and osteopathic physician, researched and systematized a therapy based on the osteopathic techniques of Dr. Sutherland and DeJarnet. Name the therapy.
    Craniosacral therapy
  52. what is it called when the client moves a body part without any help from the massage therapist
    active range of motion
  53. the ratio of people who are diseased to those who are well is called
  54. name the group of widely used medications for pain reduction, anti-inflammation, and fever control. A common medication in this group is aspirin:
  55. A business owner is required by law by the IRS to pay income taxes based on estimated income. In what time frame are these income taxes to be paid?
    On a quarterly basis
  56. What is generally considered the first and most widely used stroke in massage
  57. a complete break in a bone with protrusion of the bone from the skin
    compound fracture
  58. A certain technique is based on "mind-to-muscle" connection in which the practitioner "hooks up" on a mental level with the client. The technique involves rocking, bouncing, cradling, shaking, and moving body parts through a natural range of motion. It is a gentle and nurturing approach to repatterning the body's condtion through mental awareness and connection using mentastics (or mental gymnastics). Who is the creator of this technique
    Dr. Milton Trager
  59. Most of the effects of touch therapy on body systems come from which of the following
    the actual mechanical touch of the bodyworker
  60. what is the fu organ
    large intestine
  61. physical and psychological maturation occurs at the stage called adulthood, which occurs form the ages of
    19 to 60 years
  62. correct posture is best described using what reference tool
    plumb line
  63. the type of cell division by which the gametes are produced
  64. what are the specialized secretory glands located in the external ear canal that secretes earwax
    ceruminous glands
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