Vocabulary Ch. 3&4

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  1. Ancillary
    subordinate or supplimentary
  2. Bowdlerize
    to remove material considered offensive
  3. Condescend
    to stoop voluntarily to a lower level
  4. Cozen
    to trick
  5. Enclave
    an enclosed region inhabited by a particular group of people
  6. Forte
    a person's strong point
  7. Gratis
  8. Icon
    A representation of a sacred personage
  9. Interstice
    A small space between things
  10. Macrocosm
    the universe considered as a whole
  11. Mountebank
    a trickster
  12. Paean
    a song of praise
  13. Persiflage
    lighthearted joking, talk, or writting
  14. Plethora
  15. Pragmatic
    concerned with practical considerations or values
  16. Quizzical
  17. Rapacity
    inordinate greed
  18. Schism
    a formal split within a religious organization
  19. Therapeutic
    having the power to heal or cure
  20. Virtuoso
    A brilliant performer
  21. Affinity
    a natural attraction to a person, thing, or activity
  22. Bilious
    peevish or irritable
  23. Cognate
    closely related in origin
  24. Corollary
    a natural consequence or result
  25. Cul-de-sac
    a blind alley or dead-end street; an impasse
  26. Derring-do
    valor or heroism
  27. Divination
    the ct of predicting the future
  28. Elixir
    a potion capable of curing all ills
  29. Folderol
    foolish talk; nonsense
  30. Gamut
    an entire range or series
  31. Hoi polloi
    the common people
  32. Ineffable
    not expressible in words
  33. Lucubration
    laborious study or thought
  34. Mnemonic
    a memory device
  35. Obloquy
    public abuse indicating strong disapproval
  36. Parameter
    a limit; boundary
  37. Pundit
    a learned person
  38. Risible
    pertaining to laughter
  39. symptomatic
    typical or characteristic
  40. Volte-face
    a complete reversal

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