Qtr 4: Structure Module 7

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  1. Which lumbar nerves do not exit lateral to the psoas major muscle?
    • Obturator (medially)
    • Genitofemoral (Anterior)
  2. innervates skin over gluteal region, skin over inguinal region, external and internal oblique, transversus abdominus
  3. Roots T12 L1
    Iliohypogastric nerve
  4. Most superior of lumbar plexus
  5. Innervates the skin medial thigh, anterior scrotum / labia majora, mons pubis, external and internal oblique, transversus abdominus
    Ilioinguinal nerve
  6. Root of ilioinguinal nerve
  7. Lies inferior to the iliohypogastric nerve
  8. Descends through spermatic cord / round ligament of uterus
    • ilioinguinal nerve
    • genital branch genitofemoral
  9. Innervates the cremaster muscle, scrotum
    genital branch of genitofemoral
  10. Innervates skin over femoral triangle
    femoral branch genitofemoral nerve
  11. Roots L1 L2
    Genitofemoral nerve
  12. roots L2 L3
    lateral femoral cutaneous
  13. Sensory to the lateral thigh
    Lateral femoral cutaneous
  14. Ant div L2, L3, L4
    Obturator nerve
  15. innervates adductor muscles (gracilis, adductor longus, brevis, magnus
    Obturator nerve
  16. Posterior division L2, L3, L4
    Femoral nerve
  17. innervates rectus femoris, vasa lateralis, vas medialis, vasa intermedialis
    Femoral nerve
  18. Innervates pectineus m in 29% of individuals
    Accessory obturator (L3, L4)
  19. At what spinal level does the abdominal aorta pass through the thoracic diaphram
  20. at what spinal level does the AA bifurcate
  21. Paired visceral arteries off the abdominal aorta
    • Renal arteries (SL: L1)
    • Adrenal arteries
    • Gonadal arteries (SL: L2)
  22. Paired parietal arteries off AA
    • Lumbar arteries
    • Phrenic arteries
  23. Unpaired visceral arteries
    • SMA L1
    • IMA L3
  24. unpaired parietal arteries
    Median sacral L4
  25. spinal level that IVC passes through IVC hiatus
  26. venous drainage of the intestines
  27. Damage to what artery during aortic graft may cause paralysis
    Segmental medullary artery (Adam Kiewitcz)

    65% off left lumbar arteries
  28. Superficial Fascia of Penis
    Colle's Fascia
  29. What vessel runs in Colle's fascia
    Superficial dorsal vein of penis
  30. Proximal end of corpus spongiosum
    bulb of penis
  31. Comprises root of penis
    • 2 Crura
    • bulb of penis
    • proximal end corpus cavernosa
  32. Prepuce
  33. Blood supply of the penis
    Anterior div internal iliac artery--> Internal pudendal artery --> dorsal penile arteries
  34. Venous drainage of penis
    Superficial and deep dorsal veins--> External pudendal--> Prostatic Venous plexus
  35. Sensory innervation of the penis
    Penile branches of pudendal nerve (S2, S3, S4)
  36. What is the parasympathetic innervation of the penis and what is its function
    Nervi erigentes S2, S3, S4
  37. Thermoregulatory muscle of the scrotum
    Dartos muscle
  38. Anterior scrotal nerve branch of
    Ilioinguinal nerve
  39. name the layers of scrotum from superficial to deep
    • Skin
    • external spermatic fascia
    • cremasteric muscle and fascia
    • internal spermatic fascia
    • parietal layer tunica vaginalis
    • visceral layer tunica vaginalis
  40. where on the testicle is the epididymus
    posterior aspect
  41. Testicular nerve root
  42. Testicular lymph drainage
    Para aortic nodes
  43. Drainage of glands penis lymph
    deep inguinal node
  44. percent and content of semen supplied by prostate
    30% mucus (alkaline)
  45. What type of tissue is the prostate made of %
    • Glandular 70%
    • Fibromuscular 30%
  46. what part of the prostate is above and between the ejaculatory ducts
    Median Lobe
  47. What structures form the ejaculatory duct
    • seminal vessicles
    • Ampulla of vas deferens
  48. Where does the ejaculatory duct open to the urethra
    • Posterior part of prostatic urethra
    • Orifices on summit of seminal colliculus
  49. What structure makes up the false prostetic capsule
    endopelvic fascia (also covers bladder)
  50. What lies between the prostatic capsules
    prostatic venous plexus
  51. What three arteries supply the prostate
    • Inferior vesical artery
    • internal pudendal artery
    • Middle rectal arteries
  52. Sympathetic and parasympathetic innervation of the prostate
    • sympathetic inf. hypogastric plexus
    • Parasympathetic pelvic splanchic
  53. Venous drainage of prostate
    Prostatic venous plexus --> Internal Iliac V. / External vertebral venous plexus of Batson (smaller %)
  54. Describe the root of prostate cancer metastasis?
    Prostatic venous plexus--> verterbral plexus --> basivertebral veins
  55. broad ligament covering ovary
  56. Attaches ovary to lat wall of pelvis
    suspensory ligament of ovary
  57. Where do the uterine tubes enter the uterus
    lateral angles (superior lateral)
  58. Blood supply of the uterus and tubes
    • Uterine artery (branch ant. div. internal iliac arter)
    • Ovarian arteries
  59. Where do the fallopian lie
    upper free edge of broad lig. of uterus (mesosalphinx)
  60. Broad ligament over uterus
  61. parts of oviduct from uterus to ovary
    • intramural
    • isthmus¬†
    • ampulla
    • infundibulum
  62. What structures lie with in the suspensory ligament of the uterus
    ovarian artery, vein, lymph, nerve
  63. What structures pass lateral to the cervix
    • ureter
    • uterine artery
  64. space between uterus and rectum
    • recto-uterine pouch
    • pouch of douglas
    • cul de sac of douglas
  65. frenulum
    fused labia minora below the clitoris
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