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  1. Community
    A group of various species that live in the same place and interact with one another
  2. Ecosystem
    The group, along with the living and nonliving environment, make up an ecosystem
  3. Habitat
    The place where an organism lives
  4. Biodiversity
    The variety of organisms in a given area
  5. Succession
    The replacement  of one community by another at a single place over a period of time
  6. Climate
    The average weather conditions in an area over a long period of time
  7. Biome
    A large region characterized by a specific kind of climate and certain kinds of plants and animal communities
  8. Producer
    The basic food source for an ecosystem
  9. Consumer
    Organisms that eat other organisms instead of producing their own food
  10. Decomposer
    Organisms that break down the remains of animals
  11. Trophic Level
    Each step in the transfer of energy through an ecosystem
  12. Energy Pyramid
    A triangular diagram that shows an ecosystem's loss of energy, which results as energy passes through the ecosystem's food chain
  13. Carbon Cycle
    The continuous movement of carbon from the nonliving environment into living things and back
  14. Respiration
    The process of exchanging oxygen and CO2 between organisms and their surroundings
  15. Nitrogen Cycle
    The process in which nitrogen circulates among the air, soil, water, and organisms in an ecosystem
  16. Phosphorus Cycle
    the movement of phosphorus in different chemical forms from  the surroundings to organisms and then back to the surroundings
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