Chapter Two- History of Sport

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  1. Arminianism
    The belief that God offended universal redemption to anyone who believed in him as opposed to predestination which only offered salvation to a select few.
  2. Benjamin Franklin
    Philadelphia printer, scientist, and inventor. In his publication, Poor Richards Almanac, he brought much of Enlightenment thought to the colonies.
  3. Enlightenment
    Movement away from religion and superstition and an embrace of science and reason. It began in Europe.
  4. George Whitefield
    Charismatic English preacher who started in the Angelican Church but eventually came to the colonies and led the Great Awakening.  Those who followed him became known as the "New Lights"
  5. Great Awakening
    A revivalist (back to the bible) movement that began in the 1730s that emphasized a closer relationship with God.
  6. Republicanism
    The belief during the American REvolution that everything done by the colonists should be separate from Europe.  The people in this new republic would have to be virtuous and idle recreation had no part in this society.
  7. Tavern
    Place where men gathered to seek shelter, enjoy each other's company and drink.  The tavern could be found in every region of the colonies.
  8. Toli
    Game of stickball played by Native Americans most closely resembling lacrosse
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