Federalism and the U.S Constitution

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  1. Legislature
    The body of government that makes laws
  2. Bicameral Legislature
    legislature with two chambers
  3. Republic
    government in which decisions are made through representatives of the people
  4. Unicameral Legislature
    Legislature with one chamber
  5. Executive
    branch of government responsible for putting law into effect
  6. Electoral College
    and intermediary body that elects the president bassed on ppl votes
  7. Presidential system
    gov. in which the executives is chosen independently of the legislature and the two branches are separate
  8. Parliamentary system
    gov. in which the executive is chosen by the legislature among its member and the two branches are merged
  9. Judicial power
    the power to interpret laws and judge whether a law has been broken
  10. Judicial review
    the power of the supreme court to rule on the constitutionality of laws
  11. legislative supremacy
    alternative to judicial review the acceptance of ;egislative acts as the final law of the land
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