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  1. Reaggregation of amphibian cells
    • When cells taken from portion of the main gastrula:
    • exposed to alkaline pH to separate them
    • REAggregation: cells spontaneously move back to the location they were in before (ie: inside cell or outside cell)
  2. Cadherin-mediated cell adhesion
    • Transmembrane protein with a Ca binding site on Extracellular portion, along with adhesive recognition site
    • Catenins and Phosphorylation sites on the inner membrane portion, Catenins bind to the ACTIN in the cell
    • Cadherin interacts with other cadherins
    • Cadherin important for maintaining COHESION b/w DEVELOPING cells
  3. Cell migration with actin stages
    • 1. Polarization: cell defines its front and back, directed by diffusing signals or signals from ECM
    • 2. Protrusion of LEADING edge: Poly of actin acts as MECHANICAL force, forms filipodia
    • 3. Adhesion: cell sticks to ExtraCellular substrates, ie INTEGRINS
    • 4. Release of Adhesion in REAR cells: allows cells to migrate in FORWARD direction
  4. Cell signaling INDUCTION
    • Close RANGE of cell-cell interaction causes them to change:
    • 1. shape
    • 2. mitotic rate
    • 3. cell fate
  5. Paracrine factors and four types
    • inducers that produce signals (could be a secreted factor) that interact from one cell to the other
    • 1. Fibroblast growth factor (FGF) family
    • 2. Hedgehog
    • 3. Wnt
    • 4. TGF-Beta
  6. REsponder
    Tissue being induced, must have RECEPTORprotein for inducing factor
  7. Competence
    Ability for cell to RESPOND to a signal
  8. Signal transduction example
    • Ligand binding domain binds to a ligand in ECM
    • This causes active tyrosine kinase to undergo phosphorylation and other mechanisms in the cytoplasm to cause the signaling cascade leading to expression or repression of TRANSCRIPTION of genes

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