ANS Week 2

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  1. All Enzymes are
  2. All Enzymes are Specific ____________
    In their action
  3. Most enzyme names end in
  4. Examples of enzymes that DONT end in -ASE (two)
    Trypsin, Pepsin
  5. Many Enzymes require a _______, but not all
  6. Enzymes are sensitive to _______ and _________
    Temperature and pH
  7. Salivary ________ acts on starch to produce _____________
    amylase, maltose
  8. Salivary ________ acts on maltose to produce ___________
    maltase, glucose
  9. Gastric _______ acts on milk protein to produce ________
    rennin, curd
  10. Gastric ______ acts on proteins to produce ____________
    Pepsin, oligopeptides
  11. Gastric ______ acts on fats to produce _____ _____ and _________
    lipase, fatty acids and glycerol
  12. Pandreatic amylases act on starch to produce __________ (maltose), ________ (maltotriose), or _____ ______ _____
    disaccharides, trisaccharides, alpha limit dextrins
  13. Pancreatic peptidases act on protiens to produce ______ and ___ ___
    oligopeptides and amino acids
  14. Pancreatic lipases act on fats to produce _____ ______ _______, __________, and ________
    free fatty acids, glycerol, and monoglycerides
  15. Intestinal _______ act on ogliopeptides to produce ____ ______
    peptidases, amino acids
  16. Intestinal disaccharides (________, _________, _________) act on disaccharides to produce glucose, fructose, and galactose
    maltase, sucrase, lactase
  17. Liver bile reacts with fats to produce (2 things)
    soaps and glycerol
  18. Urea cycle enzymes use _________ to syntesize urea
  19. Enzymes with a cofactor are called
  20. Enzymes without a cofactor are called
  21. Hormones regulate
  22. Hormones respond to
    Emergency Demands
  23. Hormones integrate
  24. Polypeptides are synthesized in the (4 things)
    Brain, Pituitary Gland, Pancreas and Gut
  25. Steroids originate from
  26. Steroids are synthesized in the
    Adrenal Gland and Gonads
  27. Mechanisms of hormone action work through
    receptor sites at the cell
  28. Proten hormones will react only with the cell ___________ because they are ______ soluble only
    membrane, water
  29. Steroid hormones are ______ soluble and can go right through the cell ______
    lipid, membrane
  30. Where do proteins use receptor sites?
    cell membrane
  31. Where do Type 1 steroids use receptor cells?
  32. Where do Type 2 steroids use receptor cells?
  33. What are receptors?
    Large protein macromolecules with high specificity and affinity
  34. What are 2 parts to a receptor?
    Recognition site and Activation Site
  35. Most ________ as ingested are of no value to an animal, so they must be digested, absorbed and be able to be utilized by individual body cells
  36. 5 functions of the gut
    Storage, Digestion, Absorption, Reject (excretion), Fermentation (for ruminants)
    • 3 things to say about birds: Pretty small
    • relative to domestic animals

    • Birds are very efficient because of 3
    • sites of reverse peristalsis (pushes the food from the mouth to anus

      one between gizzard and proventriculus

      duodenum and gizzard

      large intestine and ceca

    • The cloaca s a joint opening to 3 tracts:
    • urinary, reproductive, digestive system
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