Video Connectors

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  1. DVI-D
    Digital-only connections
  2. DVI-A
    Analog-only connections
  3. DVI-I
    Digital and analog
  4. DVI-DL
    Dual link
  5. M1-DA
    Digital, analogy, and USB
  6. DVI is partially compatible with what other connection?
  7. VGA uses how many pins?
    15 pins, DB15
  8. HDMI Type A
    Supports all HD modes, compatible with HDMI-D connectors
  9. HDMI Type B
    Double-video bandwidth, supports higher resolutions
  10. HDMI Type C
    Mini-HDMI, portable devices
  11. HDMI Type D
    Micro-HDMI, smallest connector, portable devices
  12. S-Video
    standard definition video, no audio, mini-DIN 4-, 6-, 7, or 9-pin connector
  13. Component/RGB
    Analog or digital signal over 3 wires: RGB each ending with RCA plug, high definition signals digitally
  14. DisplayPort
    Replacement for HDMI and DVI, packet transmission similar to ethernet, connector looks like USB
  15. PCI has a data transfer rate of what?
    133 MB/s or 266 MB/s
  16. AGP has a data transfer rate of what?
    266 MB/s - 2 GB/s
  17. PCIe has a data transfer rate of what?
    250 MB/s - 1 GB/s per lane
  18. PCIe version 1 data transfer rate
    4 GB/s
  19. PCIe version 2 data transfer rate
    8 GB/s
  20. PCIe version 3 data transfer rate
    16 GB/s
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