Nursing Sem 1 Lab infection control

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  1. Why do we have super bugs?
    • Prescriptions are over prescribed. 
    • Not finishing medication
    • Animal products full of antibiotics(beef, milk, etc)
  2. How do we stay protected against microorganisms?
    • Skin in tact, no holes
    • Stay healthy
    • Vaccines
  3. What is Sepsis?
    Infection that has entered the blood stream. Colonized- dormant, multiplying
  4. What is a Pathogen?
    A disease producing micro-organism.
  5. What is a micro-organism?
    virus, bacteria, parasite or fungi
  6. What is resident flora?
    normal microorgansims that live in and outside the human body.
  7. What is Transient flora?
    Micro-organisms picked up by the nurse directly or indirectly.
  8. What is asepsis?
    Absence of disease producing micro-organisms.
  9. What is a normal WBC (White blood cell) count?
  10. What is a virus?
    • single celled organism. Needs a host to replicate
    • Antibiotics not effective
  11. What is a bacteria?
    • Many different kinds
    • Treatable with antibiotics
  12. What is a Fungus?
    Plant and animals
  13. What is the CDC, and what happened that encouraged the organization of it?
    Center for Disease Control, The AIDS outbreak
  14. What is OSHA?
    Occupational Safety and Health Administration
  15. What is MRSA?
    Methicillin resistant staph aureus
  16. Describe TB?
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