Slumber Party Demonstration

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  1. Pass Out Order Forms
  2. Introduction
    - Indroduce yourself - Juicy Jenn

    - Legibly write your name, address and email address (explain who you are while they are doing this, why you do SP etc) 

    - Check the things off you want as we go along

    - Hand out boxes -- DO NOT OPEN until the end of the presentation
  3. Introduce Hostess
    - Clare!!!!

    - Make her night special! 

    - She wants to get you laid

    - Explain hostess discount - Clare gets 10% of the party's sales in the form of a shopping spree!

    - 35% off everything except lingerie

    - Hosting a party is free

    - 20 ordering guests gets your $50 bonus cash to spend!

    - Booking a party gets you 4 tickets for tonight's surprise gift! (Show surprise gift)
  4. Go over Tier Program
    - Spend $150 or more and receive a free gift and shipping for $5

    - Spend $250 or more and receive an even better free gift and shipping for $3

    - Spend $400 or more and get a free toy and lifetime free shipping
  5. Lingerie Plug
    - PLease wait until demo is over
    - Turn your order form and on it, write your least favorite household chore and below that write why you don’t like it

    - When everyone is done tell them to cross the chore out

    - Switch papers with a neighbor. Now, we’re going to go around in a circle and say out loud “This is (say person’s name) and she hates sex because it (say reason that she wrote for why she doesn’t like the chore)

    - Give papers back
    - I have 5 bags here 

    - Clare, you get to pick a numbered bag and open it 

    - If you like the prize then, as long as the party sales exceed $400, I'll offer it for 10% off to everyone else and you'll get it for FREE. 

    - If you don't like the prize it's going away and the deal for that bag is OFF but you still get to choose another bag
    I will hold up a letter

    first girl to yell out a dirty word or body part something sexual beginning with that letter gets a ticket..the more creative the more tickets you get
  9. Ask about allergies
  10. Begin Presentation - Remind everyone to check things off as they go.
    - Things highlighted are my favorite things or things I think you need. Ask me questions about these items I love them!

    - You'll also notice that some items are already on sale I'll let you know those items as we go on tonight.

    - If it's highlighted AND on sale then that's me telling you that I highly, highly recommend that item!
  11. Relax to the Max - hold up le tter
  12. Who knows what Erogenous Zones are?
    Erogenous zones are parts of the body that, when stimulated, elicit sexual arousal.
  13. Who knows what our LARGEST Erogenous Zone is?
    - Skin

    - Since our skin in the largest erogenous zone, it’s a MUST to take care of it. If you want to have

    • - clean
    • - soft
    • - sexy skin

    then everything I’m about to go over will be your best friend.
  14. Coochy Cream
    - Coochy is a funny name for a serious product. It's a rash-free conditioning shaving cream that you can use over your entire body.

    - This shaving cream has keratin in it

    (which is a fibrous structure of proteins that our bodies produce it's what makes our hair and nails strong)

    so it relaxes the hair allowing for a super close shave that lasts for days.

    - Can dry shave with this if you're in a hurry if you missed a spot 

    - Hair also grows back less sharp - silk proteins 

    - Great cream rinse for hair too!
  15. Coochy Mist
    - Coochy mist is an after shave mist you can put on that will quell itching after shaving. 

    - It also closes pores and forms a barrier of botanical extract that prevents bacteria from entering pores and irritation from jeans 

    - Great for wedding shoes as it reduces frictions and soothes skin 

    - Hair grow back less sharp and prevents ingrown hairs

     - Coochy Sampler is an excellent try - gives you all 4 scents
  16. Hold up letter! -  Let's talk about smelling good! First, what are pheromones?
    Pheromones are a secreted chemical that we naturally produce that triggers a natural social response
  17. Phermones can help you attract a mate and put people around you in a good mood
  18. Cosmopolitan Magazine did a poll recently and they found that 81% of males polled think a woman’s fragrance could boost her overall attractiveness.

    The poll also stated that 84% believe perfume has the power to turn them on or off.
    - Busy girls answer to moisturizing - dries in seconds 

    -Spray it right over your wet skin and use your hands to blend the Body Dew with the water, pat dry - leaves your body dewy. Reaches layers of your skin that lotion cannot get to. 

    - No water used all oil - oil is infused with pheromones

    - Has carnation oil in it so it naturally repels bugs (trust me it works!)

    - Great for tattoos, eczema, psorisis 

    • - Comes in 3 scents
    •       - Blissful Berry
    •       - Strawberry Champagne
    •       - Tropical Breeze
  20. Hold Up Letter - Cloud 9 - Right Rubber
    - Extreme hydrator - use before bed.

    - Jojoba oil, hemp seed oil, avocado oil and tons of other essential oils

    • - Use with the hot heart massager for the ultimate spa experience - feels like hot stone treatment (hot heart is like a portable heating pad!
    • - Starts as liquid but when the metal disc inside is clicked it crystallizes and can get up to 129 degrees and will stay hot/warm for about an hour!
    • - Boil it for about 10 min)

    - pair with the erotic massage book 

    - add to bath water for a nice hot bath

    - Slumber Sampler is an excellent try 

    • - Includes 
    •      - our Romantica Massage Lotion
    •      - Body Dew oil for after a bath
    •      - Coochy for rash-free shaving
    •      - Just Like Me personal lubricant. (1 oz each)
  21. Hot Heart Massager
    a. Great for gift giving especially for Christmas

    b. It is like a portable heating pad! Starts as liquid but when the metal disc inside is clicked it crystallizes and can get up to 129 degrees and will stay hot/warm for about an hour! Boil it for about 10 minutes or until liquid then let cool to reuse!

    c. reusable, excellent for pain relief - relieves sciatica pain, cold weather related aches and pains, muscle pain

    d. Not sexual, I’ve had clients buy these for their kidse. Mimics hot stone massage
  23. Tease and Please _ Hold up letter

    Does anyone know how many minutes of foreplay a woman needs?
    - Blood flows into the clitoris, and in order for a woman to have an orgasm, there must be lubrication in the vagina, but also the clitoris must get erect.

    - For men this can take seconds, women need 40 minutes!
  24. Bosom Buddy - Demo Plate of q-tips
    - put on lips and nips!

    - Bosom buddy is a lickable sensitizing cream

    - It moisturizes and soothes lips and you can apply to the nips for a tingle that will get his attention from across the room

    - Buy the Jar for only $11 and the Stick for $6.50 - You can refill the stick with the jar!

    - Gives you a heightened orgasms. Has menthol that adds the tingle - 100% safe

    - Works great on toys too!

    - To enjoy tingling of other erogenous zones use ON (natural blend of unique essential oils that creates a surprisingly powerful sensation that is warm, luscious and electrifying. "On" is menthol- free.), Nympho Niagra (I'll go over in a little bit) and X- Scream (Heightening cream with tingling sensation. Can help increase blood flow and enhance the senses)
  25. Diva Dust - Left Licker Demo
    - Great addition to your slumber bubbles, basic instinct - helps with the layering effect

    - Use with Body Dew

    - Contains pheromones 

    - Put in hair, mix with nail polish, so many possibilities!
  26. Sprinkle Me - Left Licker Demo
    - Lickable sweet body powder

    - Tastes sweet and you can play games with this one

    - Put in 3 places on your body tell your partner you put it in 4 places and watch him or her try to find the 4th spot  -- good for extending foreplay!

    - Great for bondage

    - Starch based so it's absorbent 

    - Great for extending play
  27. Sensations - left licker - oral gel
    - It warms to the touch, and gets even warmer when you blow on it, providing the ultimate erotic taste sensation.

    - Can mix and match flavors

    - Not a lubricant

    - Fresh breath during oral

    - No alchohol - a must for anything going near your hoo ha

    • - Comes in 6 flavors
    •     - Butterscotch
    •     - Chocolate Raspberry
    •     - Orange Creamsicle
    •     - Peppermint Kiss
    •     - Strawberry Margarita
    •     - Wintergreen
    - Between the sheets is a talc based spray that absorbs any excess moisture on your sheets aka that really awkward wetspot!

    - Great for the wedding dress. Keeps you dry under there without ruining your dress. You'll feel soft all night. I can give you blissful berry.

    b. Can be used in UGGS and flats to remove moisture and smells also works with workout clothes

    - Makes sheets feel super silky d. Infused with pheromones to set the mood again

    • - Comes in 4 scents
    • 1. Blissful Berry
    • 2. Pear Blossom
    • 3. Spring Rain
    • 4. Lavender to keep the spiders away!
  29. Rage Mens Line - Hold Up letter
  30. Extinguish
    - A silky, soothing balm that applies as a liquid then converts to a powdery moisture-control shield. Excellent for daily use to stay fresh and dry; as well as post shave to protect sensitive skin. 

    - Great for jock itch

    - Great for chub rub! 
  31. Thunder
    - An easy fix to make sure your partner has plenty of time during intercourse to share

    - Odorless/Colorless Pheromone-Infused

    - Thunder absorbs quickly and gently into the skin to slightly numb the penis, but the numbing effect won’t transfer to your partner
  32. Encounter
    - Encounter Oral Sex Gel provides increased sensitivity for your partner along with a smoother, tastier experience as it calms your gag reflex so that everyone goes to bed happy.
  33. Game 3 Oscar Performance - Hand out questions
    - I have 6 pieces of paper

    - Each piece of paper has a question written on it 

    - I give out Oscars for excellent performances! It's Halloween! Be whoever!
  34. Spice It Up
    Need 2 volunteers

    • - Each put on Nympho Niagara around opening
    • - ON on clitoris
  35. ON
    - ON is an arousing oil that is super powerful

    - 8oz gives you 50 applications JUST NEED A TINY DROP

    - Helps stimulate blood flow
  36. Nympho Niagra
    • - Stimulates blood flow to the erogenous zones 
    • - Unflavored and fragrance free

    - nerve endings around the opening

    - this will stimulate them 

    - Just for girls

    - Use for alone or in the sack- MULTIPLE ORGASMS!
  37. Anal Eaze
    - Back door fun can be a great experience, feels good but you need three things: Communication, Relaxation and LUBE!

    - Anal Eaze takes the discomfort out of anal activity because it’s a desensitizing gel that contains benzocaine so it both prevents tears and allows you feel pleasure not pain!

    - Helps you get over the hump so to speak

    - Can be used as a boo boo cream - works excellent on cuts and scrapes. Use rubbing alcohol to take the name off  it becomes mommy’s best friend in and out of the house!
    - You need lubrication whenever you’re having sex or masturbating why? Because not using it can cause tears in the tissue in your vagina so you need a barrier to protect.

    - Tears can be very painful and can become inflamed once bacteria enters. Ouch.

    - The vaginal walls get weaker as we age and friction will only makes this happen sooner -- lube will help

    - Need a lube that won’t throw your pH off.  Just Like Me is pH balanced.

    - Water based so you can use this with your toys. NEVER USE A SILICONE BASED LUBRICANT ON SILICONE TOYS.

    - Rub your fingers together -- Just Like Me reactivates so you can put it on in the morning and it will still work and feel natural in the PM

    • - Comes Unflavored
    • 1. Razzmatazz Raspberry

    2. Strawberry Shortcake
  39. Like A Virgin
    -  Like a Virgin is a tightening cream that lasts for 24 hours

    - Apply pea size amount in your vagina, wait 15 minutes, you’re good!

    - Doesn’t hurt at all only makes him feel bigger!

    - Also balances your pH!

    - Works great with Ben Wa Balls
  41. Enhance the Romance - Hold Up A Letter
  42. Basic Instinct
    - It contains essential oils, so the scent will change based on your individual body chemistry. 

    - Nordstrom sells this product for $60 ours is only $27

    - Put on pulse points and temples to relieve stress and headaches
  43. Bondage Tape
    - This non-stick tape holds firmly to itself, yet is easily removed.

    - Just a bit kinky without the mess.

    - Perfect for the beginner, intermediate, or expert bondage couple.

    - Great with Sensations

    - Reusable
  44. Nip Rings
    - Mix it up! Will suprise him

    - No pain! 

    - Nickle Free 

    - Pair with new lingerie
  45. Sextastic Sling - Need a volunteer! Try to get hostess!
    - Ergonomically designed for comfort

    - Padded, non-skid back support

    - Fully adjustable straps for a customized fit

    - Allows hands-free support for deeper penetration
  46. Bedroom Bucks
    - 24 ideas for romance and lovemaking 

    -Full color paper coupons
  47. Game 4 - Ask Me Questions
  49. Short Break
  50. Bedroom Accessories 
    -  Toys may seem silly, but they give us orgasms so how bad can they be?

    - Masturbation is totally normal - 1 in 2 women does it

    - Healthy Hoo HaVibrator users are more likely to have visited a gyno in the past year and have done a down-there visual self-check in the previous month.
  52. There are many benefits to orgasms including -
    - Live longer

    - Clear complexion

    - Helps anxiety and depression

    - Makes you more sociable
  53. If your guy is less than thrilled about bringing toys into the bedroom, start small and don’t bring anything in that’s phallic shaped
  54. You Need 7 Toys!
    1. One for Clitoral stimulation

    2. G spot stimulation

    3. Water proof

    4. For Him

    5. For both of you

    6. Lifetime warranty

    7. Exotic toys
  55. Ice - Explain parts of penis
    • - Ice sticks to everything he’s your everyday simple kind of guy, no batteries, no wires
    • -Waterproof

    - Suction cup base it will stick to anything

    - Put it next to the TV, back up on it and see what happens!
  56. Super Stretch Sleeve - Use with Ice and Indulge (Introduce Indulge - Lickable Masturbation Cream)
    - Wondering why masturbation cream is lickable? Now you know.

    - Put sleeve over penis does the sucking for you

    - lick the head

     - pull it when he cums
  57. Jelly Finger Stimulators
    - Use with single bullet

    - Set of two Ribbed and nubbed textures
  58. Premier Wand
    - Great for doggy style!

    - Ergonomically designed to fit you

    - 5 settings

    - can be used as a massager then gently on his boys.

    - Waterproof
  59. EDUCATE ON THE G SPOT - What is the G Spot?
    - Bean shaped area of the vagina

    - Located one to three inches (2.5 to 7.6 cm) up the front (anterior) vaginal wall between the vaginal opening and the urethra and is a sensitive, spongy tissue area that fills with fluid

    - The size can vary. When stimulated, the g spot can get as big as the tip of a pin, a pea and a walnut

    - Need the right angle to stimulate it
  60. Spellbound
    - Recommend Nirvana - this gives the idea 

    • - Powerful Multi-Speed Vibrations with twist dial at base
    • - Built-in clitoral ticklers at the base give even more erotic thrills

    - Waterproof
  61. Nirvana
    - Hits the g spot and the clit at the same time

    - Not girthy -- good for hitting the g spot

    - Waterproof

    - Has 10 rhythms

    - 2 Vibrating motors
  62. Wild Ride - Demo on Ice - Good "both of you" toy
    - Up to 60+ Minutes of Strong Vibrations Each

    - Easy On/Off Buttons

    - Waterproof

    - Wireless
  63. Limited Lifetime Warranty LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY TOYS
    - Offered only for our exclusive high end line of toys

    - SP is the only one that offers a warranty on select toys

    - These toys are the ones that do things that your man can’t do. Need your man but you only live once!
  65. Pick Raffle Tickets
  66. WRAP UP
    - Open boxes IF YOU WANT TO HOST ONLY. You will get your gift AFTER the party! 

    - Benefits of consulting - let's partner up make your dreams come true. 

    - Do you want recognition?

    - A night out with the girls?

    - More time or even less time with the kids? 

    - Closing Remarks

    - Lingerie plug - please take off the rack look, then put back on. Wash Hands before looking please! 

    - Take orders - apologize for messiness everyone here has their own business! 

    - Thank you for coming!
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