Ground Control 3

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  1. A slant line written through the number zero is required on all ___________ data.
  2. When do you solicit a pirep?
    • Ceiling/Vis/Thunderstorm/Wind sheer/ Icing/ Turbulence/(Terminal)Braking Actions/Volcanic/When Requested
  3. When would you operate the runway edge lights at night for a departing a/c?
    Before an aircraft taxies onto the runway and until it leaves Class B/C/D Surface area.
  4. On a flight strip, what block do you place the B in and what does it stand for?
    Box 14; Center Clearance Delivered
  5. What does CAF mean?
    Cleared as Filed.
  6. Whats the "check" mark mean ?
    Information forwarded
  7. Transitions:
    • CHT
    • PAT
    • AVT
    • TET
  8. Write the following:
    -Clearance void time
    -Info forwarded
    -DME Holding
    -Contact "Facility" or "freq"
    -pilot resumes own nav.
    • -V<
    • -"check mark"
    • -H
    • -C-(freq)
    • -RV with cross thru V.
  9. Strip Marking:
    -Chinen 3
    -Addan 2
    -Standard radar climb out 6
    -Standard radar climb out 24
    • -T3
    • -A2
    • -SRC 6
    • -SRC 24
  10. When do you operate the approach lights?
    • When vis is less then 5 SM, or ceiling less then 1000'
    • AND
    • -approach is being made to rwy
    • -approach being made to the rwy served by the lights, but a/c will land on a different rwy.
    • -approach is being made to an a/p but aircraft will landing on the rwy being served by the lights.
  11. When are you required to operate the rotating beacon ?
    • -During the day, when ceiling and vis are below basic VFR mins.
    • -Between sunset and sunrise.
  12. Lowest usable Flight levels in Jap?
    • -29.92=140
    • -29.57=150
    • -28.91=160
  13. What is significant PIREP info?
    • -strong frontal activity
    • -squall lines, thunderstorms.
    • -light to severe icing
    • -wind sheer and turbulence
    • -volcanic eruption or ash
    • -other conditions pertinent to flight safety.
  14. Rwy 24 approach light length?
    I don't remember
  15. What is preplanning accomplished in?
    red pencil
  16. What is included in the suffix of the callsign for an aircraft piloted by solo USAF/USN  undergrad students ?
  17. What goes in box 18 for an IFR arrival Strip ?
    Clearance's initials
  18. What is recorded in a pirep?
    • T- Time
    • T- Type
    • A- Altitude
    • P- Position
  19. When do you restart the ATIS code at Alpha?
    After 12 hours or more of no ATIS, and after Z.
  20. Indicate a/c identity by using combinations of alphanumeric characters not to exceed how many digits?
  21. What is contained in an ATIS ?
    • A/p or Facility NAme, Phonic letter code, time of wx sequence.
    • Weather info(wind direction and velocity, vis, obstructions to vision, present wx, sky condition, temp/dew pt, altimeter, a density altitude advisory when appropriate and other pertinent remarks.
  22. What is the receiver only acknowledgement for a helo during the day ?
    • While hovering; either turn the helo toward the controlling fac and flash the landing lights or rock the tip path plane.
    • While in flight; either flash the landing lights or rock the tip path.
  23. Abbreviations:
    • Visual App
    • Contact App
    • Missed App
    • Surveillance App
    • Precision App
  24. Who should the pilot contact is he/she desires to change their flight plan from IFR to VFR ?
  25. What is the callsign for a Naval a/c carrying the Vice Pres family?
    Executive 2F
  26. How long must a statement concerning Low Level Wind shear/Microburst activity be contained on the ATIS?
    20 minutes following the last reported occurrence.
  27. Do not use the remarks section of flight progress strips in lieu of ___________ ______ to pass control info.
    voice  coordination
  28. In regards to clearance abbreviations, what does a "Z" mean?
    Tower jurisdiction
  29. When do you operate taxiway lights during the day?
    less then 1 mile vis
  30. When the prevailing visibility at the usual points of observation, or at the tower level, is less then ___ miles, tower personnel must take prevailing visibility observations and apply the observations.
  31. Alternating red and green (general warning)
    • A/c are converging and a collision hazard exists.
    • Mechanical trouble exist that the pilot may not be aware of
    • other haz conditions exist.
  32. What is one occasion in which you, as a controller, may issue specific weather values such as ceiling and vis ?
    • You are a properly cert and acting as official wx obsever for the element being reported.
    • You have obtained the information from the official observer.
    • The weather report was composed or verified by the wx station.
    • The information is obtained from an official AWOS or ASOS.
  33. Operate the app lights during the day when vis is _____
    5 miles or less.
  34. What does HIWAS stand for ?
    Hazardous Inflight Weather Advisory Service.
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