Runcorn knowledge test

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  1. Runcorn Railway station -  Posthouse Hotel
    • Out of Shaw Street
    • Right at lights into Greenway Road
    • Left  Moughland Lane 
    • Through lights Clifton Road
    • Beechwood avenue to lights
    • Right to Wood Lane
    • Hotel on right
  2. Runcorn Railway station - The Kingsway Hotel
    • Out of Shaw Street
    • Left at lights to Greenway Road
    • Left to slip road Widnes/Runcorn Bridge
    • come off 2nd Widnes Exit
    • roundabout to 3rd exit
    • Mini roundabout 3rd exit to Ashley Way West
    • At lights turn left Victoria Road
    • Kingsway Hotel on Right after Queens Hall
  3. Runcorn Railway Station - Norton Priory Museum
    • Out of station
    • Left Station Road to lights
    • Right into Leiria way to lights
    • Left to Expressway
    • Continue to exit for Manor Park
    • left to Tudor Road
    • To end for Norton Priory

  4. Runcorn Railway Station - Runcorn East Railway Station

    • Out of station 
    • Left into Station Road to lights
    • Right then left to High Street
    • at lights Right into Lieria way
    • at lights left onto Expressway
    • Take exit for Northwich , stay on expressway
    • continue to next roundabout
    • left at roundabout onto Merdishaw Avenue
    • left at roundabout to Barnfield Avenue
    • Runcorn East Railway Station
    •  half mile on left
  5. Runcorn Railway Station - CastleView Offices

    • Out of station
    • Left to Station Road
    • at lights right then left to High street
    • at lights right to Leiria Way
    • at lights left to Expressway
    • continue to exit for Northwich
    • stay on expressway
    • 2nd exit to Halton Link Road
    • at roundabout take 2nd exit to Southway
    • left into East Lane
  6. Runcorn Railway Station - Tricorn
    • Out of Station 
    • Left to Station Road
    • Lights turn right then left into High Street
    • Lights turn right into Leiria Way
    • Lights turn left onto expressway
    • Exit for Northwich
    • stay on Expressway
    • Off at palacefields exit
    • Lights turn left into Palacefieds Avenue
    • 3rd Right into the Copse
    • Tricorn at end of road

  7. Runcorn Railway Station - The Burma Star
    • Out of station to Shaw Street to Lights
    • Left at Lights to Greenway Road
    • Left to Norman Road
    • Left to Heath Road
    • Roundabout Right to Boston Avenue
    • Right to Morval Crescent
    • Left to Halton Brook Avenue
    • Right to Leaside
    • Burma Star end of road
  8. Runcorn Railway Station - The catalyst Museum
    • Out of station
    • Shaw Street to Lights
    • Left into Greenway Road
    • Left onto Queensway (Runcorn/Widnes Bridge)
    • 1st exit to Wandsworth Way
    • Roundabout turn right Hutchinson Street
    • Mini Roundabout Right to Waterloo Road
    • Left into Upper Mersey Road
    • Catalyst on Left
  9. Runcorn Railway Station - The Weaver Hotel
    • Out of Station 
    • Left to Station Road
    • Left to Picow Farm Road
    • continue towards Weston Point to end
    • Right to Sandy Lane
    • Weaver Hotel at bottom
  10. Runcorn Railway Station - The Runcorn Registry Office
    • Out of Station to Shaw Street
    • to Lights across Lights to Victoria Road
    • Right to Langdale Road 
    • at end Left to heath Road
    • Over Roundabout 
    • Right into Town Hall
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