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  1. Licentious
    Adjective. morally unrestrained

    Like St. Augustine some people want to abandon their licentious lifestyles but not immediately

    • Syn.: immoral: lewd
    • Ant: chaste, pure
  2. numismatist
    n. coin collector

    My father is a numismatic who has hundreds of coins
  3. Paucity
    n. Scarcity: a lack

    The paucity of food made people starve.

    • Syn. Insufficiency
    • Ant: Abundance
  4. Fatalistic
    adj. Believing that all events in life are inevitable and determined by fate

    Fatalistic thinkers believe there is nothing they can do to change their lives.
  5. Obtrude
    v. To force oneself into a situation

    You were concentrating on your work, I didnt want to obtrude.

    • Syn.: impose: intrude
    • Ant: Extricate
  6. Pensive
    adj. Dreamily thoughtful

    Jane was in a pensive mood after she finished reading the thought provoking novel

    • Syn.: reflective: meditative
    • Ant: Silly, Frivolous
  7. Lackadaisical
    adj. Uninterested; Listless

    The lackadaisical student sat in the detention hall and stared out the window.

    • Syn.: apethetic, spiritualess, lazy
    • Ant: Enthusiastic, inspired
  8. Alienate
    v. To turn away feelings or affections

    Your sarcasm remarks might alienate your friends.

    • Syn: estrange, set against
    • Ant: Endear, unite
  9. Elated
    adj. In high spirits: Exultantantly proud and joyful.

    We were elated because we got a 100 on our report.

    • Syn.: overjoyed
    • Ant. depressed
  10. Epigram
    n. A witty saying expressing a single thought or observation

    The author placed relevant epigrams at the beginning of each chapter.

    Syn. Aphorism, bon mot, quip
  11. Amalgamate
    v. to combine

    The great leader amalgamated many small tribes into his own to make a single powerful nation

    • syn: unite, bend, merge, consolidate
    • Ant: splinter, disunite
  12. Demented
    adj. Mentally ill: Insane

    Marry demented cat attacks anything that makes a noise including the television.

    • Syn. deranged; insane
    • Ant: sane
  13. Hone
    v. to sharpen

    The butcher used a whetstone to hone his knives until they were a razor sharp.

    Ant: dull
  14. Beleaguer
    v. To besiege by insert going: to harass

    The mosquitoes will beleaguer you if you venture near the swamp.

    • Syn. Surround, annoy
    • Ant. evade
  15. Gorge
    v. To eat or swallow greedily.

    The beagle gorged itself after it chewed through the bag of dog food.
  16. Antiquated
    adj. No longer used or useful: Very old

    The antiquated washboard hung on the wall, useful only as a decoration.

    • syn. out-of-date, archaic
    • Ant. modern
  17. Opiate
    n. A narcotic used to cause sleep or bring relief from pain.

    The veterinarian used an opiate to sedate the wounded animal.

    Ant; stimulate
  18. Caricature
    n. An exaggerated portrayal of one's features

    • The caricature of the mayor and the political cartoon exaggerated the size of his ears and nose
    • syn. mockery, cartoon
  19. Dally
    v. to waste time: To dawdle

    If you dally on your report you might fail or not finish it.

    • Syn; dawdle, loiter
    • Ant; hasten; hurry
  20. Felonious
    adj. Pertaining to or constituting a major crime

    The inmate expected to be released from prison early, despite the many filamentous activities on his record.

    Syn; criminal
  21. Edifice
    • n. A large elaborate structure
    • The Eiffel Tower is an edifice.
    • Synonym: Fortress
    • Antonym: hovel
  22. Ambidextrous
    • Adj. Equally skillful with either hand.
    • The ambidextrous child could hit the ball with her right and left-hand.
  23. Belated
    • adj. Delayed
    • She gave me a belated birthday gift because she was out of town.
    • Synonym: tardy; late
    • Antenna: timely
  24. Animate
    • v. To give life a motion to
    • Trip to the toy store animated the sad child.
    • Synonym: encourage; excite
    • Antonym: quell
  25. Knead
    • V. To work dough or clay into a uniform mixture
    • The girl kneaded her thigh because it was sore
    • Synonym: squeeze; rub; press
  26. Chauvinist
    • n. One having us fanatical devotion to a country, gender, or religion, and displaying content for other countries, the opposite sex, or other believes
    • He did not like woman because he was a chauvinist.
  27. Egalitarian
    • adj. Promoting equal rights for all people
    • The equal rights amendment for woman was founded on egalitarian principles
    • Antonym: elitist
  28. Berserk
    • adj. A state of violent or destructive rage
    • My mom went berserk when my brother through his basketball at the TV.
    • Synonym: frenzied
    • Antonym: complacent
  29. Ostentatious
    adj. Marked by a conspicuous, showy, or pretentious display
  30. Delude
    • v. To mislead; to fool
    • The fast talking sales man inoculate us into buying the dilapidated car.
  31. Elude
    • v. To get away from
    • The prisoner try to lose because high hiding in the laundry truck.
    • Synonym: avoid; evaded; lose
    • Antonym: attract
  32. Fallow
    • adj. In active; unproductive
    • A fallow mind needs to be stimulated with challenging ideas.
    • Synonym: Barron
    • Antonym: productive
  33. Blight
    • n. Anything that destroys
    • The junkyard was a blight on the otherwise appealing neighborhood.
    • Synonym: affliction; disease
    • Antonym: enhancement
  34. Obsequy
    • n. A funeral rite or ceremony
    • The explorers held brief obsequies for their fallen leader before burying him on the side of the mountain.
  35. Denizen
    • n. An occupant; an ihabitant
    • Prairie dogs are denizens of the great plains, so it is unlikely that we would see one in Maine.
    • Synonym: resident
    • Antonym: emigrant, alien
  36. Fealty
    • n. Obligated loyalty or faithfulness
    • Peasants who did not show any fealty to the duke often disappeared.
    • Syn: devotion,¬† fidelity, allegiance
    • Ant: disloyalty, treachery
  37. Entice
    • v. To attract by offering reward or pleasure.
    • The styling and color of the gown enticed me, but I could not even afford such an expensive¬† purchase.
    • Syn: tempt, lure
    • Ant: discourage
  38. Gratify
    • v. To please
    • To gratify the pouting child, his mother handed him a lollipop.
    • syn: satisfy, indulge
    • ant: displease, disappoint
  39. Laggard
    • n. a slow person, especially one who falls behind.
    • Wear good shoes or you'll be a laggard and delay the entire group.
    • syn: straggler, dawdler
    • ant: leader
  40. Gambit
    • n.¬† A maneuver or action used to gain an advantage.
    • The general's gambit sacrificed many soldiers, but ultimately won the battle.
    • syn: strategy, ploy, maneuver
    • ant: blunder
  41. chroma
  42. mono
  43. poly
  44. morph
    form or shape
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