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  1. ocular location
    top of microscope
  2. ocular description
    • single lens 10x
    • can be removed
  3. ocular function
    enlarges image of specimen for viewing
  4. binocular head location
    between ocular and nosepiece
  5. binocular head description
    • contains oculars
    • interpupillary adjustment
    • individual eye focus
  6. binocular head function
    • split image in two
    • allows adjustment for eash individual persons eye
  7. rotating nosepiece location
    attached to underside of binocular head
  8. rotating nosepiece description
    chrome wheel into which objectives are set
  9. rotating nosepiece function
    allows changing of objective for different powers of magnification
  10. objective location
    attached to nosepiece
  11. objective decription
    • 4¬†metal cylinders with different magnifying powers
    • 4x scanning
    • 10x low power
    • 40x high dry
    • 100x oil immersion
  12. objective function
    • magnify image of the specimen for viewing
    • always start with 4x or 10x
  13. stage/platform location
    under the objective
  14. stage/platform description
    flat surface with hole in center
  15. stage/platform function
    microscope slide is placed upon the surface for observation
  16. mechanical stage location
    attached to stage
  17. mechanical stage description
    • adjustment by knobs at side
    • clip used to hold and control movement of slide
  18. mechanical stage function
    moves the specimen slide up and down side to side with knobs at the side
  19. substage condenser location
    under hole in stage
  20. substage condenser description
    an adjustable (up and down)set of lenses, like a "flat" odjective
  21. substage condenser function
    focuses light from underneath through the specimen for viewing
  22. iris diaphragm location
    inside the condenser
  23. iris diaphragm description
    camera like opening which adjusts with small lever
  24. iris diaphragm function
    regulates the amout of light focused upon the specimen
  25. arm location
    at back (spine) of microscope
  26. arm description
    strong supporting part of the microscope
  27. arm function
    used as a handle for carrying microscope
  28. base/foot location
    bottom most part of the microscope
  29. base/foot description
    part upon which the microscope sits
  30. base/foot function
    contains a light source and switched to control the brightness (always use full light intensity)
  31. coarse focus location
    both sides of arm near lower part of microscope
  32. coarse focus description
    largest knobs on side of arm
  33. coarse focus function
    intial rapid focusing of the image of the specimen
  34. fine focus location
    at the tip of the coarse focus knob
  35. fine focus description
    smaller knobs which turns more easily than coarse focus knobs
  36. fine focus function
    critical focusing to sharpen the image of the specimen (fine tuning)
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