Music in western culture

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  1. Aesthetics
    • is the study appreciation and philosophy of beauty 
    • for humanity aesthetics  is one of the special qualities that separate people from animals
    • humans have the intellectual and emotional depth 
  2. melody
    • Organized successionof musical tones
    • in art it is the line 
  3. harmony
    • the simultaneous sounding of two or more musical tones
    • in art it is the light
  4. dynamics
    • the effect of varying degrees of loudness and softness in a musical composition or performance
    • in art that is the shading and tint of the piece
  5. timbre
    • the characteristic quality of sound that distinguishes one voice or instrument from another 
    • in art that is the color of the piece
  6. tempo
    the rate of speed
  7. texture
    in music and art the structural quality of the work
  8. form
    an orderly arrangement of elements in which parts of a whole are organized i music
  9. Aural
    received through the human hearing
  10. medium
    musical instrument used
  11. craft
    a special skill art or dexterity
  12. rhythm
  13. meter
  14. pitch
  15. atonality
  16. chamber music
  17. consonance
  18. counterpoint
  19. dissonance
  20. genre
  21. major
  22. minor
  23. monosyllabic
  24. orchestra
  25. polyphony
  26. range
  27. scale
  28. string quartet
  29. symmetry
  30. symphony
  31. Syncopation
  32. tertian harmony
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