Chapter 1- Teaching as a Profession

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  1. The courses taught in a school, what is taught in each course, and how the courses are sequenced
  2. Activities that take place before or after school
    Extracurricular Activities
  3. A curriculum developed by the teachers and staff of a school or school district for use in their own classrooms.
    School-Based Curriculum
  4. Not based on, or affiliated with, any religion
  5. A person who has less education of experience but works under the supervision of a more highly educated professional
  6. Refers to the arrangement in which the same teacher and group of students remain in one classroom for most of the day, with one teacher teaching most or all of the subjects
    Self-Contained Classrooms
  7. Thinking about ideas and concepts and connecting feelings with thoughts
    Abstract Thinking
  8. Thinking about things that are actually experienced
    Concrete Thinking
  9. Learning that takes place when students work in groups to discuss and solve problems together
    Collaborative Thinking
  10. Education that takes place after high school
    Postsecondary Education
  11. Postsecondary schools that are designed to teach the specific skills needed to begin working in a trade
    Technical Schools
  12. People who design, conduct, and supervise programs to improve the skills of a company's employees
    Corporate Trainers
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