cj 425 ch.4 (section 2: ethical issues in policing)

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  1. ethics-
    • moral principles that govern a persons or groups behavior.
    • the branch of knowledge that deals with moral principles.
    • (morals- a persons standards of behavior or beliefs concerning what is and is not acceptable to do.)

  2. coercion-
    • the use of force or intimidation to obtain compliance.
  3. endeavor-
    • try hard to do or achieve something.
    • an attempt to achieve a goal.

  4. adherence
    • attachment; faithful support for a cause or political party or religion.
  5. enculturation-
    • the gradual acquisition of the characteristics and norms of a culture, or group by a person, another culture etc.
  6. criterion-
    • a principle or standard by which something may be judged or decided.
  7. analytically-
    • by virtue or analysis.
    • (analysis-detailed examination of the elements or structure of something, typically as a basis for discussion or interpretation.)

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cj 425 ch.4 (section 2: ethical issues in policing)
2013-09-06 16:15:49
how police officers learn ethics

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