SAT Vocab Cards Day 12

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  1. superfluous, extraneous (adj)
    • DEFINITION: Unnecessary; extra
    • SENTENCE: Your essay has too many superfluous words; go and delete them.
    • SYNONYMS: excess, additional, useless
    • ANTONYMS: necessary, needed, indispensable
  2. duplicitous (adj) 
    • DEFINITION: Deliberately deceptive in behavior or speech
    • SENTENCE: The duplicitous man convinced Brenda that he was a Harvard graduate, a doctor, and a Lutheran. 
    • SYNONYMS: deceitful, dishonest, insidious
    • ANTONYMS: straightforward, frank, honest 
  3. profligate (adj) 
    • DEFINITION: Wasteful; describing someone who squanders time and money
    • SENTENCE: Hollywood stars tend to be more profligate than parsimonious.        
    • SYNONYMS: extravagant, immoderate, lavish
    • ANTONYMS: economical, thrifty, frugal 
  4. epiphany (n) 
    • DEFINITION: A sudden realization; an insightful moment
    • SENTENCE: I just had an epiphany... but then I forgot about it.    
    • SYNONYMS: discovery, insight, revelation
    • ANTONYMS: n/a
  5. insidious (adj) 
    • DEFINITION: Causing harm in a subtle or stealthy manner; devious
    • SENTENCE: The insidious disease did not show its effects until 9 months after it had lodged itself in her system.
    • SYNONYMS: cunning, duplicitous, perfidious
    • ANTONYMS: honest, sincere, frank 
  6. vacuous (adj) 
    • DEFINITION: Empty; lacking serious purpose
    • SENTENCE: Cher vowed to give up her vacuous lifestyle for a more serious purpose.         
    • SYNONYMS: vacant, void, blank
    • ANTONYMS: substantial, filled, full
  7. harbinger, portent, presage (n)
    • DEFINITION: Indications or omens that something important (or bad) is about to happen
    • SENTENCE: Global warming is a harbinger of coming trouble for humans and animals.    
    • SYNONYMS: omen, sign, precursor
    • ANTONYMS: n/a 
  8. beleaguer (v) 
    • DEFINITION: To beset; to surround with problems
    • SENTENCE: I was beleaguered by a host of problems when I first got to China.      
    • SYNONYMS: bother, harass, annoy
    • ANTONYMS: leave alone
  9. burgeon (v)
    • DEFINITION: To grow rapidly and expand
    • SENTENCE: The community support for the team burgeoned as the town and school rallied behind their victorious team.
    • SYNONYMS: bloom, blossom, grow
    • ANTONYMS: shrink, shrivel, wither 
  10. imperious (adj) 
    • DEFINITION: Domineering and arrogant; haughty
    • SENTENCE: Henry VIII and Louis XIV were both imperious leaders.  
    • SYNONYMS: arrogant, overbearing, presumptuous
    • ANTONYMS: timid, meek, humble
  11. petulant (adj) 
    • DEFINITION: Peevish, irritable
    • SENTENCE: When adults start throwing temper tantrums, they act petulantly.      
    • SYNONYMS: touchy, cranky, crabby
    • ANTONYMS: good-matured, affable, easy-going
  12. complaisant (adj) 
    • DEFINITION: Amiable; agreeable; marked by a pleasing personality
    • SENTENCE: Giselle has such a complaisant personality that even the meanest New Yorkers will stop to sing with her.
    • SYNONYMS: easy-going, good-natured, friendly
    • ANTONYMS: petulant, peevish, irritable 
  13. fawn (v) 
    • DEFINITION: To behave in a servile manner; subservient
    • SENTENCE: If the girls of KAA ever met Ryan Gosling, they'd probably fawn over him. A lot.     
    • SYNONYMS: flatter, gush, praise
    • ANTONYMS: n/a 
  14. obdurate (adj) 
    • DEFINITION: Very stuborrn; obstinate; inflexible
    • SENTENCE: The obdurate king would not listen to any of his advisers and simply went to war. 
    • SYNONYMS: inflexible, relentless, rigid
    • ANTONYMS: compromising, agreeable, conciliatory 
  15. redolent (adj) 
    • DEFINITION: Exuding fragrance; full of a specified smell
    • SENTENCE: The redolent fragrance of a particularly delicious feast floated through the hall.      
    • SYNONYMS: aromatic, fragrant
    • ANTONYMS: n/a 
  16. chicanery (n) 
    • DEFINITION: Deception; deliberate trickery
    • SENTENCE: Cynthia used chicanery to get Max to give her a raise.  
    • SYNONYMS: artifice, feint, ploy
    • ANTONYMS: honesty, forthrightness, truthfulness
    • conundrum (n)
    • DEFINITION: A difficult problem; a dilemma with no easy solution
    • SENTENCE: Allison and Ben faced a difficult conundrum: should she get married or become a single mother?
    • SYNONYMS: puzzle, dilemma, enigma
    • ANTONYMS: n/a 
  17. slight (n) 
    • DEFINITION: A disrespectful or disparaging remark
    • SENTENCE: She made a slight against my mother, so I had to punch her.
    • SYNONYMS: insult, snub, slander
    • ANTONYMS: compliment, flattery, praise
  18. capitulate (v)
    • DEFINITION: To surrender; comply without protest
    • SENTENCE: She capitulated when she realized that there was no use struggling anymore. 
    • SYNONYMS: surrender, fold, succumb
    • ANTONYMS: fight, win, overpower
  19. disheartening (adj) 
    • DEFINITION: Very discouraging; dismaying; dispiriting
    • SENTENCE: Her disheartening defeat in the competition ruined her self-esteem.
    • SYNONYMS: bleak, dismal, somber
    • ANTONYMS: comforting, encouraging
  20. apocryphal (adj) 
    • DEFINITION: Of doubtful authenticity
    • SENTENCE: The story of Ponce de Leon discovering Florida is apocryphal; there's no evidence! 
    • SYNONYMS: dubious, spurious, fictitious 
    • ANTONYMS: authentic, legitimate, credible
  21. magisterial (adj) 
    • DEFINITION: Learned and authoritative
    • SENTENCE: The Mayor's magisterial tone continued when he announced that the Wicked Witch is "positively dead."
    • SYNONYMS: domineering, imperious, masterful
    • ANTONYMS: timid, meek, powerless 
  22. plastic, malleable, pliable (adj) 
    • DEFINITION: Flexible; easily shaped or influenced by outside forces
    • SENTENCE: Locke believed that humans are by nature malleable; that is, easily shaped by others.  
    • SYNONYMS: impressionable, manageable, adaptable
    • ANTONYMS: rigid, stiff, unchanging
  23. chagrin (n)
    • DEFINITION: The feeling of distress caused by humiliation, failure, or embarrassment
    • SENTENCE: Brian was full of chagrin when he discovered that his cologne was driving everyone away from him.   
    • SYNONYMS: distress, dismay, displeasure
    • ANTONYMS: n/a
  24. obstreperous (adj)
    • DEFINITION: Noisily and stubbornly defiant
    • SENTENCE: The obstreperous children were difficult to control.
    • SYNONYMS: unruly, boisterous, rambunctious
    • ANTONYMS: calm, quiet, silenced
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