SAT Vocab Cards Day 14

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  1. stock (adj)
    • DEFINITION: Describing a stereotypical and formulaic character in a novel or film
    • SENTENCE: Examples of stock characters include "The Blonde Bimbo", "The Perfect Girl", and "The Popular Jock."
    • SYNONYMS: trite, typical, stereotyped
    • ANTONYMS: novel, original, unusual
  2. esoteric, arcane (adj)  
    • DEFINITION: Hard to understand; knowledgeable to only a few
    • SENTENCE: The main character in National Treasure knows a lot of esoteric knowledge about the United States that helps him find the treasure.   
    • SYNONYMS: abstruse, cryptic, hidden
    • ANTONYMS: straightforward, evident, lucid 
  3. bent (n)
    • DEFINITION: A strong tendency
    • SENTENCE: Picasso's artistic bent guided him to create works of art.   
    • SYNONYMS: inclination, knack, proclivity
    • ANTONYMS: n/a 
  4. court (v)
    • DEFINITION: To attempt to gain the favor or support of a person of group
    • SENTENCE: Candidates from both political parties are working hard to court young voters.     
    • SYNONYMS: woo, solicit, pursue
    • ANTONYMS: disregard, ignore, slight 
  5. oblivious (adj)  
    • DEFINITION: Unaware; lacking mindful consciousness of
    • SENTENCE: Even with all the commotion around him, David remained oblivious to what was happening.
    • SYNONYMS: unmindful, unaware, ignorant 
    • ANTONYMS: conscious, mindful, understanding
  6. temper (v)
    • DEFINITION: To soften; moderate; mitigate
    • SENTENCE: Virginia successfully persuaded Happy to temper his anger.  
    • SYNONYMS: assuage, alleviate, abate
    • ANTONYMS: aggravate, agitate, worsen
  7. pedestrian (adj)
    • DEFINITION: Undistinguished; ordinary; conventional
    • SENTENCE: We try to avoid using pedestrian statements like "this is not the end but the beginning".
    • SYNONYMS: trite, banal, hackneyed
    • ANTONYMS: novel, new, innovative 
  8. cavalier (adj) 
    • DEFINITION: Describing an arrogant attitude/haughty disregard for others
    • SENTENCE: Marie Antoinette's cavalier attitude inflamed great hatred in her people.    
    • SYNONYMS: supercilious, snooty, disdainful
    • ANTONYMS: reverent, humble, respectful 
  9. sanction (n)
    • DEFINITION: An official approval/disapproval for an action
    • SENTENCE: College Board sanctions the usage of some calculators, but not all.
    • SYNONYMS: approval, authorization, consent
    • ANTONYMS: disapproval, veto, refusal 
  10. garrulous, verbose, loquacious (adj)
    • DEFINITION: Annoyingly talkative 
    • SENTENCE: Sometimes, Alyssa can be very loquacious when she talks about something she loves or hates.
    • SYNONYMS: chatty, voluble, wordy
    • ANTONYMS: terse, concise, reserved 
  11. taciturn (adj)
    • DEFINITION: Habitually quiet; uncommunicative 
    • SENTENCE: Kids who are usually taciturn have a difficult time speaking up in class. 
    • SYNONYMS: aloof, reticent, reserved
    • ANTONYMS: outgoing, loquacious, garrulous 
  12. scathing (adj)
    • DEFINITION: Harshly critical
    • SENTENCE: Simon Cowell was known for his scathing criticism toward contestants on American Idol.
    • SYNONYMS: harsh, brutal, harsh
    • ANTONYMS: generous, moderate, praising
  13. quiescent (adj)
    • DEFINITION: Marked by inactivity; a state of quiet repose
    • SENTENCE: Mt. Vesuvius looked quiescent, but in fact it erupted in CE 79, transforming Pompeii into a ghost town.
    • SYNONYMS: dormant, inert, still
    • ANTONYMS: active, lively, alert 
  14. provisional (adj)
    DEFINITION: Tentative; temporary; for the time being-----When you're first learning to drive, you're issued a provisional driver's license. 
  15. lurid (adj)
    DEFINITION: Sensational; shocking; ghastly-----Two newspaper publishers tried to outdo each other by publishing sensational headlines and lurid stories. 
  16. truculent, pugnacious (adj) 
    • DEFINITION: Defiantly aggressive; eager to fight
    • SENTENCE: The truculent Americans demanded that President McKinley call for a declaration of war.
    • SYNONYMS: belligerent, aggressive, bellicose
    • ANTONYMS: cooperative, nice, tame
  17. propitiate (v) 
    • DEFINITION: To appease; to conciliate; to regain the favor or goodwill
    • SENTENCE: President McKinley recognized the inevitable and propitiated both Roosevelt and the public after the terrible incident. 
  18. eclectic (adj)
    • DEFINITION: Derived from a variety of sources
    • SENTENCE: There is an eclectic group of counselors at KAA; every counselor is from a different background.
    • SYNONYMS: assorted, diverse, heterogeneous
    • ANTONYMS: narrow, specific, unvaried
  19. perfunctory (adj)
    • DEFINITION: Something performed in a spiritless, mechanical, and routine manner.
    • SENTENCE: A perfunctory kiss probably means that a relationship is lacking in passion; done so many times that there’s no real meaning behind it any longer.
    • SYNONYMS: mundane, automatic, mechanical
    • ANTONYMS: thoughtful, careful, attentive 
  20. aplomb (n)
    DEFINITION: Self-assurance; confident composure; admirable poise-----He finished the test with aplomb.
  21. opacity (n)
    • DEFINITION: Hard to understand; impenetrably dense and obscure
    • SENTENCE: The editor went through all the passages and deleted sentences that were full of opacity. 
  22. craven (adj)
    • DEFINITION: Characterized by acting in a cowardly manner
    • SENTENCE: Shaggy from Scooby-Doo is known for his craven behavior.
  23. venal (adj)
    • DEFINITION: Corrupt, dishonest, open to bribery
    • SENTENCE: The renegades were venal traitors who accepted bribes from Xerxes to betray Sparta. 
  24. licentious (adj)
    • DEFINITION: Immoral; dissolute; debauched
    • SENTENCE: The licentious reign of King Malcolm was decried by the public.
  25. oxious (adj)
    • DEFINITION: Harmful; injurious to physical, mental, or moral health
    • SENTENCE: China's lax environmental policies and repressive political system are noxious to its citizens' physical and moral well-being.
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