Widnes runcorn Taxi Boundries

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  1. Traveling towards ST Helens where would you cross the Borough boundary along  Mill Lane
    Junction of Mill Green Lane & Twyford Lane
  2. Travelling to Halewood on Lower Road where is the Borough Boundray
    Railway Bridge by Pentagon Fire Chemicals
  3. Travelling towards Penketh along Dans Road 
    top of Bridge
  4. Travelling towards Halewood from Halebank along Higher Road
    Just before Flyover for Speke Boulevard 
  5. Travelling from Hale Village to Speke along Hale Road
    just after Baileys Lane
  6. Travelling along Farnworth Road towards Warrington
    at Railway Bridge before Sunny Bank Cottages
  7. Travelling along Chapel Lane towards Cronton Village
    just after Parklands entrance
  8. Travelling along Chester Road A56 from the Daresbury Park Hotel towards Warrignton
    100 yrds after Roundabout
  9. Travelling from Moore Village to Warrington along Runcorn Road
    100 yards after Moore Lane
  10. Travelling toweards Chester Road A56 from Moore Village along Hobb Lane
    100 yards after Canal Bridge
  11. Travelling towards Frodsham along Halton Station Road
    just after Railway Bridge 10 yards
  12. Travelling towards Frodsham from Runcorn
    At Railway Bridge
  13. Travelling from Hough Green Station to Netherley
    just after Hough Green Road Junction
  14. Travelling from Hough Green to Whiston via Northern Lane
    • Just after Orchard Way
  15. Travelling to St Helens along Wilmere Lane
    On junction of Warrington road traffic lights
  16. Travelling from Widnes Town Centre to Great lakes Chemical Works
    • just before factory on Lower Road - just after Railway Bridge
  17. Borough Boundary on Speke Road
    just before exit for Knowsley By-pass Round about
  18. Travelling along Daresbury Lane towards Halton
  19. Travelling along Northwich Road towards NorthWich
    Just before the tunnnel top pub
  20. Travelling from Widnes to Huyton on Cronton Lane
    Sixth form College
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