Care of the newborn

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  1. Fontanelle closure
    9-12 months of age
  2. Cephalohematoma appearance
    2nd day of life
  3. Cephalohematoma growth
    Up to five days
  4. Cephalohematoma resolution
    2-3 months of age
  5. Scalp hair loss
    After one month
  6. Permanent hair
    By six months
  7. Lanugo loss
    2-4 weeks of age
  8. Folded ears resolution
    First few weeks of life
  9. Lacrimal duct obstruction resolution
    12 months of age
  10. Stolen eyelid resolution
    3 days
  11. Dark eye color change
    2 months
  12. Light colored eye change
    5 or 6 months of age
  13. Resolution of flattened nose
    1 week
  14. Resolution of hymenal tags
    2-4 weeks
  15. Hydrocele resolution
    6-12 weeks
  16. Resolution of large scrotum
    First several weeks
  17. Surgical intervention of testes
    1 yr of age
  18. Separation of head from foreskin
    5-10 years of age
  19. Resolution of twisting of feet
    6-12 months of age
  20. Resolution of capillary hemangiomas
    1-2 yrs
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