Historic Background of Nursing

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  1. Nursing in the beginning of civilization
    • Theory of Animism: sin and gods' displeasure caused illnesses
    • temples were centers of medical care
    • priests were highly regarded as physicians
    • nurses were viewed as slaves carrying out tasks ordered by preists
  2. Nursing in the beginning of the 16th century
    • focus on religion replaced by focus on warefare
    • exploration and expansion of knowledge occurred
    • shortage of nurses - criminals were recruited
    • nursing was considered disreputable
  3. Florence Nightengale
    • Went into nursing because god called her to
    • Contributions include:
    • defined nursing as both an art and a science
    • differentiated nursing from medicine
    • identified the personal needs of the pt and the role of the nurse in meeting those needs
    • established standards for hospital management
    • established a respected occupation for women
    • established nursing education
    • stressed the need for continuing education for nurses
    • recognized the two components of health and illness
    • recognized that nutrition is important to health
    • brought a 60% death rate during Cerinen war down to 1%
    • Instituted occupational and recreational therapy for sick people
    • maintained accurate records, recognized as the beginnings of nursing research
  4. Five things florence nightengale thought we needed
    • good air
    • good water
    • good drainage
    • good hygiene
    • efficient light
  5. Environmental Theory: Synopsis of Theory
    external conditions are capable of preventing, suppressing, or contributing to disease or death
  6. application of Environmental Theory
    nurses modify unhealthy aspects of the environment to put the patient in the best condition for nature to act.
  7. Nursing in the 18th and 19th centuries
    • hospital schools organized
    • female nurses under control of male hospital administrators and physicians
    • male dominance of healthcare
    • nursing becomes respected occupation
    • modern methods in nursing education founded
  8. Nursing and WWII
    • Explosion of knowledge in medicine and technology: broadened the role of nurses
    • efforts to upgrade nursing education
    • women more assertive and independent
  9. Nursing from 1950 to Present day
    • Nursing broadened to become a profession:
    • emphasis placed on evidence based practice
    • recognized role of nurse in health promotion
    • varied healthcare settings were created
    • a specific body of knowledge was developed
    • nursing research was conducted and published
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