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  1. Kinetics
    forces that produce or resist movements
  2. Kinematics
    • types of motion or movement without regard for the forces that produce movement.
    • -Types of motion
    • -direction of motion
    • -quantity of motion
  3. Osteokinematics
    movements of the bony partners or segments that make up a joint
  4. Arthrokinematics
    focuses specifically on the minute movements occurring within the joint and between the joint surfaces
  5. Frontal/Coronal Plane
    • divides the body in front and back
    • -Abduction/adduction
    • -Ulnar (pinky)/radial (thumb) deviation
    • -bending of neck and trunk (lateral)
    • - x axis
  6. Sagittal Plane
    • divides the body in right and left
    • -flexion/extension
    • - z axis
  7. Horizontal/Transverse Plane
    • divides the body to upper and lower parts
    • -medial and lateral rotation of hip/shoulder
    • -pronation/sup. of forearm
    • -eversion/inversion of foot
    • - y axis
  8. Degrees of Freedom
    the number of planes in which a joint is able to move
  9. Hinge Joint
    • a uniaxial joint
    • ex- humeroulnar joint
  10. Pivot Joint
    • a uniaxial joint
    • ex- radioulnarjoint
  11. Uniaxial Joint
    • a joint that moves in one plane around one axis having one degree of freedom
    • ex-hinge or pivot
  12. Biaxial Joint
    • Joint that moves in two planes around two axis,┬áhaving two degrees of freedom
    • ex- condyloid, ellipsoidal, saddle
  13. Condyloid Joint
    • -biaxial joint
    • -knuckles
  14. Ellipsoidal Joint
    • -biaxial joint
    • -spindle like shape
    • -radiocarpal joint at wrist
  15. Saddle Joint
    • -biaxial joint
    • -concave and convex surface
    • -joint on thumb
  16. Triaxial Joint
    • joint that moves three planes around three axis, has three degrees of freedom
    • -ex- glenohumeral joint
  17. Ball and Socket Joint
    • triaxial joint with spherical ball shape
    • -glenohumeral joint
  18. Circumduction
    movement seen in a triaxial joint
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