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Idioms 1
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Idioms part 1
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  1. above all

    All employees should be punctual, and above all, they should be ethical.
  2. according to

    According to a recent report, the jobless rate is steadily increasing.
  3. accuse A of B

    The CEO was accused of channeling funds into his own account.
  4. be accustomed to (名詞)

    Ms. Lester is from the south and is not accustomed to the cold weather up north.
  5. be anxious to (do)

    The new recruit is very anxious to start her new job.
  6. apart from

    Apart from the chipped paint, this old car looks like new.
  7. apologize for

    The plant was expected to apologize for the chemical leak.
  8. approve of

    Once the president approves of the new building plan, we can move forward.
  9. as for

    As for taking a vacation this year, I am far too busy to do so.
  10. as of

    The item will be on sale as of noon tomorrow.
  11. ask a favor

    Robin wanted to ask a favor of the boss, but he was away from his desk.
  12. at a loss

    Ms. Day is at a loss as to what to do about the problem with the supplier.
  13. at the cost of

    John continued to work long hours at the cost of his health.
    ~を犠牲にして(= at the price of)
  14. because of

    All flights were cancelled because of the upcoming storm.
    ~という理由で(=due to/owing to)
  15. be bound to

    I am bound to the employee contract for a year.
  16. break even

    After a year in the red, the shop was finally able to break even.
  17. bring up

    Lena left the big city because she wanted to bring her children up in the country.
  18. by all means

    By all means, the seminar will go on as planned.
  19. by chance

    The two former collegues met by chance in the street.
  20. by means of

    They finished the assignment by means of hard work and dedication.
  21. call for

    Jack's promotion calls for a celebration.
  22. cannot help but (do)

    Joan cannot help but feel sorry for animals that have been abandoned.
    ~せざるを得ない(cannot help ~ing)
  23. care for

    Madeline cares for her boyfriend very much, but refuses to marry him.
  24. carry out

    Mr. Harris was fired because he wasn't able to properly carry out instructions.
  25. catch up with

    The business mistakes the CEO made caught up with him later when the business folded.
  26. come along

    The construction of the new monument is coming along well.
  27. come up with

    Ms. Duprie was asked to come up with a new strategy for the next ad campaign.
  28. conpensate for

    The president put in thousands of dollars worth of his own money to compensate for the loss.
    ~を補償する(make up for)
  29. consist of

    The new snack item consists of fat-free ingredients.
  30. consult with

    Terry felt she was unfairly dismissed from her job and decided to consult with an attorney.
  31. contrary to

    Contrary to what the figures show, our company is doing well.
  32. cope with

    Many dot-coms are finding it hard to cope with losses in the Internet industry.
  33. do away with

    The company decided to modernize and do away with the old dress code.
  34. end up ~ing

    Ms. Werner ended up applying for a position overseas.
  35. far from

    Although the deadline is near, the manuscript is far from complete.
  36. be fed up with

    Some workers become fed up with their jobs and change careers.
  37. fell free to (do)

    Feel free to browse around the shop and try on items that you like.
  38. feel like ~ing

    I feel like having Italian food for dinner.
  39. fill in

    Please fill in all the blanks on the application form.
    ~に記入する(fill out)
  40. fill in for

    Daryl will fill in for Tim while he's away.
  41. for the time being

    The plant is short of funds and will not change locations for the time being.
  42. free of

    The department store gave out samples of the new product free of charge.
  43. get rid of

    Vivian couldn't seem to get rid of her cold and had to take several days off of work.
  44. get together

    The alumni of the university will get together for a party next month.
  45. go ahead

    Mr. Wang was given the go ahead to start designing the room.
    • v. 先に進む、着手する
    • n. 承認、ゴーサイン
  46. hand in

    The students were told to hand in their assignments by Friday.
  47. have nothing to do with

    The CEO's resignation has nothing to do with the recent scandal.

    resignation 辞任
  48. in case of

    In case of fire, please use the emergency exits.
  49. in charge of

    Tanya is in charge of finding staff for the event.
  50. in good shape

    Cal exercises daily in order to stay in good shape.
  51. in mind

    Please keep in mind that we only have a few weeks left to finish the assignment.
  52. in terms of

    The boss always judges an object in terms of the money spent on it.
  53. in the long run

    Mutual funds are a good investment in the long run.
  54. instead of

    Mike took the bus instead of the train to work this morning.
  55. be involved in

    Mr. Norton is involved in a litigation case that is taking up all of his time.

    litigation n.訴訟
  56. keep up with

    I am so busy it's hard to keep up with the latest news every day.
  57. let alone

    The couple can't afford the rent for the apartment, let alone buy it.
  58. look forward to (名詞)

    Ingrid is really looking forward to her long summer vacation.
  59. look like

    I have been told repeatedly that I look like my sister.
  60. look up

    I was unfamiliar with the word and had to look up its meaning in the dictionary.
  61. look up to

    We really look up to our supervisor because he has a lot of experience.

    look down upon 軽蔑する
  62. make out

    The writing on the fax was so faint I couldn't make out what it said.
  63. make up for

    Ms. Fillmore was on leave for a week and had to make up for lost time when she returned to work.
  64. may as well

    I have nothing to lose so I may as well try it.
  65. next to

    Next to playing the guitar, she likes to sing.
  66. nothing but

    Ever since I started the new position, I have had nothing but problems.
  67. on behalf of

    On behalf of the entire staff, I would like to welcome you to our company.
  68. on purpose

    The strange ad was done on purpose to attract attention.
  69. on second thought

    On second thought, I'd rather have lunch at my desk than eat out.
  70. once in a while

    It's a good idea to take a break once in a while when working on the computer.
  71. one after another

    The secretary stacked the files one after another.
  72. owe A to B

    I owe my success in my career to my father.
  73. pass away

    The firm hasn't been the same since our manager passed away.
  74. pay off

    All the writer's hard work paid off in the end and his novel sold out.
  75. prevent A from B

    The government stepped in to prevent the corporations from merging.
  76. provide A for B

    The maker provided the basic materials for the prototype.
  77. put off

    Rich couldn't put off cleaning his desk out any longer, so he did it in the morning.
  78. put up with

    Justin couldn't put up with the long hours at work so he quit.
  79. refrain from

    The jury was told to refrain from speaking about the case outside of the courtroom.
  80. regardless of

    The company picnic will take place as planned, regardless of the weather.
  81. remind A of B

    Those paintings remind me of Rembrandt's work.
  82. report to

    Mr. Watson reports to Ms. Wilkenson, who is the director.
  83. stand by

    Mr. Leary is a man who stands by his opinions.
  84. stand for

    Our company name stands for integrity.
  85. succeed to

    The princess succeeded to the throne after the queen died.
  86. suffer from

    Mr. Jones suffers from stiff joints so he is planning to retire.
  87. be supposed to

    All employees are supposed to punch in every morning, but some are neglecting to do so.
  88. take advantage of

    A good salesperson never takes advantage of a customer.
  89. take after

    The child seems to take after her mother.
  90. take A into account

    An architect must take the budget into account when he or she creates a building design.
  91. take over

    Charles will take over as CEO when his father retires.
  92. thanks to

    the small country had a booming economy thanks to the tourist trade.
  93. try on

    There are fitting rooms in the back of the store where customers can try on the clothes.
  94. turn down

    Marion was distraught after being turned down for the position.
  95. turn out to be

    It turned out to be a perfect day for a flea market and each vendor sold a lot of goods.
  96. under control

    The firefighters had trouble getting the forest fire under control.
  97. up to

    The menu for the banquet is entirely up to James.
  98. used to (do)

    Mr. Boyd used to be a software engineer but now he's an artist.
  99. when it comes to

    When it comes to sales, no one is as skilled as Samuel.

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