Music Catalog Terms

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  1. Abstract
    Summary of a book, article.
  2. Anthology
    A representative collection of selected musical or literary works or excerpts
  3. Archive
    A place in which public or institutional records are systematically preserved.
  4. Arrangement
    A reworking of a musical composition so that the performing forces, the musical content, or the form are substantially different from the original.
  5. Autograph
    A document written or signed in a persons own hand.
  6. Catalog
    A list of contents of a library, book collection, or group of libraries. a list or index of compositions.
  7. Collate
    To compare minutely in order to determine whether two or more books or manuscripts are identical copies of variants.
  8. Collected works
    The publication of the entire compositional output of a single composer in scholarly edition
  9. Congress report
    A publication containing the texts of the papers read at a conference or congress. Either a one time event on a particular topic. Such as an individual composer or regular meeting of a society
  10. Copyright
    The right to Copy. The exclusive legally secured right to reproduce publish record and sell the matter and form of a literary musical or artistic work for a period in the USA of 50 years beyond death.
  11. discography
    A listing of phonograph records, CDs, VHS, and tape recordings.
  12. Edition
    All the impressions of a literary work printed at any time or times from on setting up of type. B. one of the successive forms. revised. C. The presentation of an older musical performance in a version the makes it accessible for modern performers.
  13. Engraving
    The process of incising a design, musical composition, or a metal plate or the resulting print made for it when the incised lines are inked.
  14. Fascicle
    One of the temporary divisions of a work which is issued in a small installments intended to be bound together permanently at a later time.
  15. Festschrift
    A publication on the occasion of a celebration or in honor of someone. Usually considering articles.
  16. Foliation
    The consecutive numbering of the leaves of a book or manuscript.
  17. Folio
    • A leaf of a manuscript or book. 
    • B. formed of sheets each folded once into two leaves or four pages.
  18. Historical set
    A set of volumes of music or historical significance.
  19. Holograph
    A document wholly in the handwriting of its author.
  20. Iconography
    The study of the representation of objects by means if images or statues reliefs mosaics and paintings
  21. Imprint
    The publishers name. Often with address and date of publication. Places at the foot of the title page or elsewhere in a book.
  22. Incipit
    The first few notes or words of text use to identify a musical selection
    Code numbers in an international identification system.
  24. JournalsJournals
    • A generic term to refer to or sometimes used in the title of a scholarly periodical. 
    • A diarodor daily record of occurrences transactions or reflections.
  25. Lexicon
    A book containing a alphabetical or other systematic arrangement of words and their definition.
  26. Magazine
    Containing arrives pictures and reviews. Advertisements often a popular interest and sometimes focusing on a single focus area.
  27. Manuscript
    A book document music composition written by hand. 

    An authors written or typed copy of work before it is published.
  28. Monograph
    A scholarly study treating a single subject Linda limited aspect of a subject
  29. Monument
    A scholarly edition of the music of one region or country.
  30. Necrology
    A notice of death of a person. Obituary. A list of people who have died within a certain time.
  31. Opus
    A creative work. Usually a composition to which a number is assigned by a composer or publisher to indicate its order in a composers written or published output
  32. Proceedings
    A published report of a conference or meeting of  a society or congress. Accompanied by abstracts.
  33. Pseudonym
    Pen name
  34. Recto
    The side of a folio that is to be read first. The right hand page
  35. Reprint edition
    A later edition of a work that ordinarily is no longer in print. Often issued by another publisher
  36. Review
    A writing which gives a critical assessment of something such as a written work or musical performance.
  37. Revised edition
    An edition of a work incorporating major revisions by the author or aedition and often supplementary matter designed to bring it up to date.
  38. Serial
    Any publication usually appearing at regular intervals including periodicals.
  39. Siglum
    A letter or letters with or without numbers used to identify a manuscript or printed source.
  40. Sources primary and secodary
    Primary source is a composition, letter or document from a composer. Secondary is second or third hand info
  41. Thematic catalog
    A list or index of compositions. Usually by a single composer rather than a collection of repertory music.
  42. Transcription
    The transliteration of an early work into modern musical notation. 

    The process or result of adapting a musical composition to a medium other than its original one.
  43. Treatise
    A learned formal writing on a subject. Usually in book form.
  44. Union catalog
    A library consisting the holdings of a group of cooperating libraries.
  45. Urtext
    original text
  46. Verso
    The side of a folio that is to be read second
  47. Watermark
    A manufacturers identifying mark or drain embedded in a sheet of paper.
  48. Watermark
    A manufacturers identifying mark or drain embedded in a sheet of paper.
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