Psychology Chapter 2

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  1. What is behavioral genetics?
    The study of relative effects of genetics and the environment on mental processes and behavior.
  2. What is evolutionary psychology?
    The study of how natural selection and adaptation help explain behavior and mental processes.
  3. Define Polygenic.
    A characteristic controlled by multiple genes.
  4. What is the difference between a Dominant and a Recessive gene?
    Dominant gene: Reveals its trait when the gene is present

    Recessive: Will normally only be expressed when the other gene in the pair is also recessive.
  5. What is natural selection?
    When a specific genetic trait gives an organism a reproductive advantage over others.
  6. How is heredity linked to human behavior? How is evolution?
  7. What form of psychology suggests that many behavioral commonalities emerged because they helped our ancestors survive?
    Evolutionary Psychology. Also states that living tissue changes.
  8. How do neurons (brain cells) communicate?
    The neurons communicate with chemicals.
  9. What is Dopamine?
    One of the major excitatory of the brain, connected to emotion and pleasure.
  10. What is Norepinephrine?
    One of the major chemicals behind Focus.
  11. What is Glutamate?
    Widely distributed excitatory, contributed to memory. Most excitatory neurotransmitter in the CNS.
  12. What is DHEA?
    A steroid hormone produced from adrenal glads, gonads, ect. as sexual stimulants. (aka. The fountain of youth)
  13. What is PEA?
    Phenylethlamine, responsible for the "romantic rush" (Jacobs ref: PEA Brain)
  14. What are endorphins?
    Natural "pain killers"
  15. What is testosterone?
    The hormone behind aggression.
  16. Where does dopamine originate, and does it travel to the PFC?
    The mid-brain - the limbic system - and yes.
  17. What is the purpose of the "front loaded" brain?
  18. What is serotonin?
    Chemical behind, calm and collected, self esteem, and mood elevation.
  19. What is GABA?
    Anxiety "Switch" - low GABA raises anxiety.
  20. What is neurogenesis?
    Stem cells that can grow into any type of cells.
  21. Why is neuroglia important?
    It is 70-80% more powerful than the neuro-doctrine - it increases the power of the chemistry.
  22. What is the significance of melatonin in the brain?
    Melatonin is the first stage "natural sleeping pill" - Second stage of sleep is mediated by GABA, where we reach deep sleep.
  23. What is DSIP?
    Delta Sleep Inducing Peptide - The second "sleeping pill" - makes us sleep deeply longer.
  24. What is the significance of the Pancreas?
    Regulates health by avoiding diabetes and hypoglycemia.
  25. Where does thyroxin come from?
    The Thyroid gland.
  26. What are the Five Endocrine glands?
    • Gonads - Androgen & Estrogens
    • Thyroid - Thyroxin regulating growth and metabolism
    • Hypothalamus - Wide range regulator of hunger, sex, ect.
    • Pancreas - Regulates health by preventing diabetes and hypoglycemia
    • Pineal - Secrets melatonin leading to sleep
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